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Molloy Celebrates Class Liturgies

During the week of September 25th, Molloy celebrated a Liturgy of the Holy Spirit with each of its freshman, sophomore, and junior classes. The celebration of the Liturgy of the Holy Spirit with each grade is an annual tradition to begin each new school year. It is an opportunity to take a break from the routine school day, to gather as a community, and to be reminded that each student is supported throughout the year as Jesus walks with them.

This year’s liturgies featured a live-action interpretation of the Gospel. Students acted out the events of Mark 4:37-39 as they were read aloud by Deacon McCarthy or Deacon Kramer. In the Gospel, Jesus instantly calms a storm that is rocking the boat he and His disciples are riding on. After their initial fear of the storm subsides, Jesus reminds His disciples to have faith even in difficult circumstances. These events serve to remind us all that when things seem difficult, or we lose our confidence, we must have faith and persist. Each celebrant encouraged students to continue to have faith and to not be discouraged when faced with adversity.

During the freshman Liturgy of the Holy Spirit, Br. Luis Ramos, a religion and world language teacher at Molloy, renewed his Marist vows at the altar thereby reaffirming his commitment to the Marist mission. Congratulations to Br. Luis on the renewal of his vows, and thank you for being such a wonderful addition to our faculty!

The Class of 2024 celebrated their Liturgy of the Holy Spirit on September 22nd with the Most Reverend Bishop Robert J. Brennan serving as celebrant. You can read more about the Bishop’s visit here.