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Click here to access the video* explaining Senior Religion course options.
Click here and here to access the videos* explaining the Introduction to Linguistics (Language, the World, and Us) elective.
Click here to access the video* explaining the Living in a Diverse Society elective.
Click here to access the video* explaining the Unity in a Diverse Society elective.
Click here to access the video* explaining the Total Fitness & Wellness elective.
Click here to access the Eligibility List for Restricted Courses*. (under construction)
*Note: A Stanner email account is required to access these files.
PLEASE NOTE: The following list of courses are a combination of courses currently offered and courses we have offered in the past that we may offer again. To view the courses currently offered, click the Course Catalog link above.
  • Grade 9
Religion 9
  • Grade 10
Peer Group & Personal Growth
Religion 10
  • Grade 11
Religion 11
  • Grade 12
Birth, Death, & Afterlife
Christian Marriage
Christianity in Film
Ethics & Law
Religion & Science
Social Justice

  • Grade 9
English 9/English 9 Honors
  • Grade 10
English 10/English 10 Honors
AP Seminar/English 10
  • Grade 11
English 11/English 11 Honors
AP English Literature
  • Grade 12
AP English Language
Creative Writing
Literature, Psychology, & Gender
Popular Literature
Practical Philosophy through Literature
Scholars Literature of the Immigrant Experience
Scholars Shakespeare
Theater Arts
  • Grade 9
Algebra 1/Algebra 1 Honors
  • Grade 10
Geometry/Geometry Honors
  • Grade 11
Algebra 2/Algebra 2 Honors
Algebra 2/Pre-Calculus Honors
Pre-Calculus Honors
  • Grade 12
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
Calculus 1
College Algebra
Scholars Calculus 2
Social Studies
  • Grade 9
Global History & Geography 1/Global History & Geography 1 Honors
Pre-AP World History
  • Grade 10
Global History & Geography 2/Global History & Geography 2 Honors
AP World History
  • Grade 11
US History & Government/US History & Government Honors
AP United States History 
  • Grade 12
Economics Courses
Economics (Gr. 11 as well)
Finance & Investment
Introduction to Business (Gr. 11 as well)
Scholars Virtual Enterprise
Government Courses
AP US Government & Politics (Gr. 11 as well)
Constitutional Law (Gr. 11 as well)
Participation in Government (Gr. 11 as well)
AP European History
AP Psychology
Criminal Justice
World War II
World Languages
  • Grade 9
French 1
Italian 1
Spanish 1
  • Grade 10
French 2
Italian 2
Spanish 2/Spanish 2 Honors
  • Grade 11
French 3
Italian 3
Spanish 3/Spanish 3 Honors
  • Grade 12 
Scholars French 4A
Scholars French 4B
Scholars Italian 4A
Scholars Italian 4B
Scholars Spanish 4A
Scholars Spanish 4B
  • Grade 9
Advanced Life Science Honors
Biology/Biology Honors
  • Grade 10
Chemistry/Chemistry Honors
Science Research 10 Honors
  • Grade 11
Conceptual Physics
Earth Science
Physics Honors
Science Research 11/12 Honors (Gr. 12 as well)
  • Grade 12
Anatomy & Physiology
AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Physics 1
College Chemistry 1 Honors
College Chemistry 2 Honors
Environmental Science
Forensic Science
Marine Biology
Computer Science
  • Grade 9
Introduction to Computer Science
  • Grade 10
Computer Science 110 Honors
Quantum Computing (Gr. 11/12 as well)
  • Grade 11
AP Computer Science A (Gr. 12 as well)
AP Computer Science Principles (Gr. 12 as well)
  • Grade 12
Advanced Computer Graphics
Scholars Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Scholars Robotics
Fine Arts & Music
  • Grade 9
Freshmen Chorus
Music Appreciation
Music Theory
Band (Gr. 10/11/12 as well)
  • Grade 10
Advanced Computer Graphics
Sophomore Chorus
Studio In Art
  • Grade 11
Comics & Cartooning
Digital Illustration & Design
Junior/Senior Chorus Honors
Wind Ensemble Honors
  • Grade 12
Advanced Art Studio
Portfolio Art Studio
  • Grade 11
Junior College Guidance
Language, the World, and Us (Gr. 12 as well)
Living in a Diverse Society (Gr. 12 as well)
Public Speaking (Gr. 12 as well)
Unity in a Diverse Society (Gr. 12 as well)
Video Broadcasting (Gr. 12 as well)
  • Grade 12
Internship in English
Internship in Mathematics
Internship in Science
Internship in Social Studies
Internship in Spanish
Mindfulness & Meditation
Peer Group Leader
Senior College Guidance
Total Fitness & Wellness
Physical Education (all grades)
Driver Education (will restart when safe to do so per COVID restrictions)