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Archbishop Molloy High School provides the latest technology for its students and faculty. Every classroom has a high-speed wireless access point, Apple TVs, as well as the the latest fully interactive SMART Board. 
Molloy introduced its 1:1 computing program in 2014. Each student entering Molloy is assigned a new current model iPad that is pre-loaded with educational apps and all text books. Students receive a new iPad at the end of their sophomore year, which is also the updated model that has been released at the time. iPads come with Apple Care, which insures them against two separate breakages. (This is per iPad, so the breakage insurance resets when they get their new iPad at the end of sophomore year.)
Molloy's facilities includes a freshman computer lab with 40+ laptops, as well as SMART Board and Apple TV. This lab also has two flat screen monitors that sync the SMART board for easier viewing at any place in the room. The Library research Computer lab also holds over 40 laptops with SMART Board and Apple TV. All computer lab laptops come with Microsoft Office 365 Suite. Each student has their own Office 365 and Google App accounts.
Our physical infrastructure includes dual redundant fiber optic connections with internet speeds exceeding 1 GB/s with expandability up to 10 GB/s. Molloy features a fully staffed Information Technology Center for student and teacher IT support, open Monday through Friday, from 7:00am - 4:00pm. The IT Center is also available to assist parents by phone or email.