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6th & 7th Graders - Please fill out a free online inquiry form here.
8th Graders - For 8th Graders in the 2020-21 school year, please fill out a free application here.


* If your school is providing 8th Grade report cards after the deadline for the Molloy online application, which is December 4th, do not worry.  Submit what you have for now.  Please remember your user name and password and you can go back and add in the 8th Grade marks once received.
*If you have a family member that attended Molloy - even if they are not your sibling - within the "Have any siblings previously graduated from Molloy?" section, under the question that asks "If yes, please provide name(s) and grad years"  - please place their full name (incl. last name, even if it is different than yours) and graduation year.  Also note, under that same section, please note how they are related i.e. uncle, cousin, etc.  So the format of the answer should look like, as an example: John Smith / Class of 1993 / Cousin.

(Parents/guardians: Please remember your login information when filling out your application! If you do not finish your application, you can log in using the same link and complete it. In addition, even after you complete your application, you can log in to the Molloy (Prospective) Parent Portal to check on your application, and attach any additional required documents). 
If you have any questions about the form/application, please email or for IT related application questions.