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Bishop Brennan Celebrates Mass w/ Class of 2024

At the beginning of the new school year, Molloy celebrates a Liturgy of the Holy Spirit with each grade. On Friday, September 22nd, Molloy and the Class of 2024 celebrated a special senior Liturgy, welcoming the Most Reverend Bishop Robert J. Brennan as celebrant.

Bishop Brennan began his visit meeting with a few Campus Ministry volunteers for breakfast. Later, during Mass, Bishop Brennan reminded the seniors that though sometimes things may seem tough, and they may experience many challenges, they are seen and supported by Jesus. As the seniors experience their last year of high school, Bishop Brennan encouraged them to continue to walk the path with Jesus, and to let their talents shine through.

Bishop Brennan also read a quote from Pope Francis, spoken at World Youth Day this past summer, to further encourage the seniors to never give up. “As young people, you are to change the world, and that’s very good, it’s very good that you want to work for justice and for peace. You devote all your life’s energy and creativity to this, but it still seems insufficient. Yet the Church and the world need you, the young, just as much as the Earth needs the rain. All you young people, you who are present, the future, yes to all of you, Jesus now says, have no fear.”

Thank you, Bishop Brennan, for celebrating Mass with our Class of 2024!