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National Honor Society

Due to the current circumstances, the National Honor Society application process will begin in the fall of 2021.
The requirements for admission are explained in file below.
National Honor Society FAQ's
When is the application due? No later than 11:59pm on May 15, 2020.
How will I know you received my application? You will receive an email response within 24 hours that it has been received.
How do I submit my application? To submit your application, fill out the form below. It will generate a PDF which you will then attach to an email and send to with any supporting documents. Please send the email from your Stanner account. No changes can be made to your application once submitted. No information or supporting documents will be accepted late.
What do you mean by supporting documents? A supporting document is anything you can provide us to verify your community service work, such as a certificate. Scan and attach it to the email WITH your application. For community service activities outside Molloy, it is highly recommended to get a letter from your supervisor so we can verify your time. Attach it to the email as well. If this is absolutely not possible, at the very least, include their contact information.
When will I hear if I was accepted? No later than May 31, 2020. The decision will be emailed to you.
How do I count summer activities/community service? If you INTEND to do an activity this summer (assuming NY is no longer on pause), that counts as 11th grade. If you did an activity in the summer of 2019, that counts as 10th grade. If you did an activity in the summer of 2018, that counts as 9th grade.
What about things I did in 8th grade? While it is great if you did clubs and community service in 8th grade or earlier, that is not pertinent to this application and should not be included. We are looking for things done during your high school career which started in September 2017.
How do I know if something counts as community service? We define community service as directly helping someone in need. If you are unsure if it counts, PUT IT ANYWAY. We will make that decision when we review your application.
How do I calculate my hours of community service? It is important that you try to be as accurate as possible when counting hours of community service. Look back at past calendars and try to do the math. Write out the math in the explanation boxes if necessary so we can see how you calculated the number. Do not just arbitrarily guess a number. If we find your hours are inflated, this could lead to disqualification.
What should I fill in in the explanation boxes for community service? We need to know exactly what you do when you show up. This is not an essay. A few sentences will do. Do not assume by naming an organization that we know what you do every time you volunteer.
What if I don’t have anything to fill in for a particular section? No problem. Just check the “exclude” box for that section.
What if COVID-19 impacted my club membership or community service participation? We totally understand this is/was out of your control and you will not be penalized for it.
How can I contact you if I have additional questions? Email