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Decision Letters
The Admissions Department mailed out the decision letters for the Class of 2022 on Wednesday, January 10, 2018.  If you filled out a Molloy online application, you were emailed the results as well.  Academic Scholarship Awards, Named Scholarship Awards, and Honors Placement were included in all Admissions letters.  ALL ACADEMIC AND NAMED SCHOLARSHIPS HAVE BEEN AWARDED AT THIS TIME.  In your acceptance letter/email, if you did not receive notification that you received a scholarship, then you were not awarded one.  We do not re-award scholarships.

Please note that certain families have notified our Admissions Department that they have not received the physical decision letter in the mail.  On Friday, January 19, emails went out to all accepted students, including those that received acceptance into Molloy's Honors courses and those who were awarded Academic and Named Scholarships.  If you did not receive a decision letter in the mail nor an email, please email and we will email the decision letter to you.  If your acceptance email did not contain a unique enrollment code, then please let us know and we will email you the acceptance letter as soon as possible.  If you received an acceptance email that included a unique enrollment code but did not receive the letter in the mail, we ask that you print out the email.  It contains the same information as the letter that was mailed.
Next Steps (for Accepted Students)

If you were accepted, the $400 nonrefundable enrollment fee is due by February 1.  If you are mailing payment, it MUST be postmarked by February 1.  Please use the address below and label it "Attn: Admissions."  There is an option to pay online as well; that link is found in your acceptance letters/emails, which includes a unique enrollment code.  You may also pay our Finance Department in person by cash, check, or credit card.  Their hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM.  Our address is 83-53 Manton St., Briarwood, NY 11435.
Once you pay the nonrefundable enrollment fee, additional registration materials will be sent to you in the upcoming weeks.  Remember that all accepted students MUST attend Registration Day which is Saturday, March 3 in the morning.
Wait List
If you were placed on the Wait List, you should have received a letter in the mail and were emailed as well.  It includes a unique Wait List code.  Please ensure that you use this code to fill out the active Wait List form online.  If you would like to submit your second quarter 8th Grade report card, you may email our Admissions Department at  You may also email us if you have any general questions regarding the Wait List.  Please remember that we cannot guarantee we will get to our Wist List.  We will have a clearer idea in February, after the enrollment fee for accepted students is due.
Contacting Us

Please keep in mind that the Admissions Department is handing an influx of calls and emails at this time, so we do ask that if you have any questions, you preferably email us as you will get a more rapid response.  We appreciate your patience and cooperation at this time.  Thank you for your interest in Molloy.  Congratulations to the Class of 2022!