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-Updated March 2019-
Decisions for the Class of 2023
The Admissions Department sent out decision emails (and in some very specific cases, mailed out decisions) for the Class of 2023 on Wednesday, January 16, 2019.  Additionally, Academic Scholarship Awards and Honors Placement are included in all admissions letters.  Most Named Scholarship have been awarded and were emailed out.  There may be some that are awarded slightly later, in February or March.  We look forward to welcoming the Archbishop Molloy High School Class of 2023!
First Steps for Accepted Students: Enrollment
If you were accepted, the $450 nonrefundable enrollment fee was due by February 1st.  The link to do so is found in your acceptance emails, which includes a unique enrollment code.  If you are mailing payment, it must be postmarked by February 1st.  You may also pay our Finance Department in person by cash, check, or credit card, though paying online through the link that was provided is preferred.  The Finance Department's hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM through 3:00 PM.  Our address is 83-53 Manton Street, Briarwood, NY 11435.
Next Steps for Accepted Students: Registration
Registration materials were initially emailed out to all those who officially enrolled on Tuesday, February 12th.  If you enrolled, but did not receive the registration packet, please email immediately.  Remember that all accepted students MUST attend Orientation & Registration Day, which is Saturday, March 9th in the morning.  Times are based on where your last name falls alphabetically, and were included in an email sent in mid-February.
The enrollment fee due February 1st and the registration/technology fee due March 9th are nonrefundable and nontransferableThere are no exceptions.
Wait List
If you were placed on the Wait List, please ensure that you use the unique Wait List code and fill out the active List form online.  If you would like to submit your second quarter 8th Grade report card, you may email a scanned copy of it to our Admissions Department at  You may also email us if you have any general questions regarding the Wait List.  We will have a clearer idea if we are able to review our Wait List after our enrollment deadline, which is February 1st, or after our Orientation & Registration Day, which is March 9th.
Contacting Us
Please keep in mind that the Admissions Department is handling an influx of calls and emails at this time, so we do ask that if you have any questions, you preferably email us as you will get a more rapid response.  We appreciate your patience and cooperation at this time.  Thank you for your interest in Molloy.  Congratulations to the Class of 2023!

Fall School Fairs & School Presentations
During the months of September and October in the Fall of 2018, the Admissions Team attended several school fairs and school presentations for interested 8th Graders, and inquiring 5th, 6th, and 7th Graders.
The Admissions Team at St. Stanislaus Kostka in Maspeth, Queens
The Admissions Team (Mr. DiDonato, '01, Mr. Turenne, '98, & Ms. Green-Wresch) and student Agnieszka Kowalczyk, '20 represented Molloy at St. Stanislaus Kostka's High School Fair in Maspeth, Queens on Monday, September 17th.

Our Lady of the Snows High School Information Night 2
Our Lady of the Snows High School Information Night
Admissions Coordinator Mr. Jonathan DiDonato, '01 and student Dominique DeCosta, '19 represented Molloy at Our Lady of the Snows' High School Information Night in Floral Park, Queens on Tuesday, September 18th.

Notre Dame Catholic Academy High School Fair
The Admissions Team (Ms. Green-Wresch, Mr. Turenne, '98, and Mr. DiDonato, '01) along with student Elizabeth Hertler, '19 attended Notre Dame Catholic Academy's High School Night in Ridgewood, Queens on Wednesday, September 19th.

Holy Child Jesus CA High School Fair
The Admissions Team (Mr. Turenne, '98, Mr. DiDonato, '01, & Ms. Green-Wresch) represented Molloy at Holy Child Jesus Catholic Academy's High School Fair in Richmond Hill, Queens on Friday, September 21st.  HCJ 8th Grade students Richard Persaud and Jayden Singh, among several of their classmates, were happy to inquire about Molloy and all it has to offer.  (The tablecloth was centered shortly thereafter.)

St. Francis de Sales
Co-Director of Admissions, Heather Green-Wresch, was joined by faculty member Dan Quinn, '00, as well as students Lizzie Sullivan, '20, and Tim Mehta, 19 at St. Francis de Sales Catholic Academy's High School Fair in Belle Harbor, Queens on Monday, September 24th.

Queen of the Rosary
Molloy students Luigi Albano, '19, Neyde Estrada, '21, Emily Valle, '22, and Delilah Medina, '22 accompanied alum Robert Dittus, '81 (not pictured) as they represented Molloy at Queen of the Rosary's High School Fair in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on Tuesday, September 25th.

Middle Village Prep
On Wednesday, October 3rd, Molloy President Richard Karsten, '81 and Admissions Coordinator Jonathan DiDonato, '01 were joined by students Jake Temkin, '20, and Jade Rivera, '20 to represent Molloy at Middle Village Prep's High School Night.

St. Francis of Assisi
Director of Admissions Heather Green-Wresch was accompanied by Molloy students Emma Wresch '20 and Sara Jones '20 at St. Francis of Assisi's High School Night in Astoria, Queens on Wednesday, October 3rd.

St. Margaret's
Admissions Coordinator Mr. DiDonato, '01 was joined by several Molloy students - Diana Mineri, '19, Geraldine Ciaccio, '19, Maximus McCreesh, '19, Michael Hubert, '20, Haley Kirmaier, '20, and Emily Sumprer, '21 - at St. Margaret Catholic Academy's High School Fair in Middle Village, Queens on Thursday, October 4th.

Resurrection Ascension
On Friday, October 5th, Director of Admissions Mr. Turenne, '98, and Admissions Coordinator Mr. DiDonato, '01 (not pictured), provided a presentation about Molloy to students at Resurrection Ascension in Rego Park, Queens.

Our Lady of Sorrows
Director of Admissions Mr. Turenne, '98, along with students Andrew Young, '19, and Leslie Dutan, '19 represented Molloy by attending Our Lady of Sorrows' High School Fair in Corona, Queens on Thursday, October 11th.

PS 49
Admissions Coordinator Mr. DiDonato, '01, and students Billy Kanellopoulos, '19, Vanessa Marku, '19, and Michael Hubert, '20 attended PS 49's High School Fair in Middle Village, Queens on Thursday, October 11th.

MS 207
On Thursday, October 11th, Director of Admissions Ms. Green-Wresch was accompanied by Molloy students Deanna Pellegrino, '19, Michael Antonino, '19, and Lauren Coleman, '20 to represent Molloy at MS 207's High School Fair in Howard Beach, Queens.

IS 145
Admissions Coordinator Mr. DiDonato, '01, and current students Laura Fay, '19, Andie Ratilla, '20, and David Leguisamo, '19 attended IS 145's High School Fair in Richmond Hill, Queens on Wednesday, October 18th.

Our Lady's Catholic Academy
On Wednesday, October 17th, Molloy students Brianna Badlu, '19, Katherine Tertulien, '19, Katelynn Persaud, '20, Tevin Bachan, '19, and Justin Persaud, '21 joined Admissions Director Ms. Green-Wresch (not pictured) at Our Lady's Catholic Academy's High School Fair in South Ozone Park, Queens.

Sts. Joachim & Ann
Director of Admissions Mr. Turenne, '98, and students Esther Oloruntola, '19, Tre-lawn Noel, '20, and Najah Lorde, '19 represented Molloy at Sts. Joachim & Anne School's High School Fair in Queens Village on Thursday, October 18th.

Immaculate Conception
On Tuesday, October 30th, Co-Director of Admissions Mr. Turenne, '98 and student Tre-lawn Noel, '20 represented Molloy at Immaculate Conception's High School Fair in New York City.