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Freshman Information

Academic Overview for Freshmen
Please click the links below for PDF versions of our freshman parent newsletter, summer reading list, academic overview, freshman program and honors courses, and freshman course requests.


[Please note that updated policies for the 2022-23 school year are currently being revised, which may affect the answers to some of these questions. By January 2022, this page will be revised to reflect the updated policies.]


What courses do freshmen at Molloy take?

A standard freshman course load includes Religion 9; an English course (English 9 or English 9 Honors); a Social Studies course (Global History & Geography 1, Global History & Geography 1 Honors, or Pre-AP World History); a Math course (Algebra 1 or Algebra 1 Honors); a World Language course (Spanish 1, French 1, or Italian 1); a Science course (Biology or Biology Honors); Physical Education; a half-year of Introduction to Computer Science, and a half-year Music course (Music Appreciation, Chorus, or Music Theory).

Opportunities to accelerate into sophomore-year courses (e.g. Geometry, Chemistry, Level 2 World Language) also exist. Specific guidelines for each subject will be shared by January 2022 as our policies are currently being reviewed, but in general, students will need to complete a high-school level course in 8th grade with marks in the 90's AND take the corresponding Regents exam with marks in at least the high 80's to be considered for acceleration.


How are students chosen for honors courses?

Qualified incoming freshmen are offered a place in the honors program (advanced English, Social Studies and Science courses) on the basis of their TACHS scores. The invitation to honors courses appears in the letter of acceptance.


My child was accepted but was not placed in any honors courses. Can he/she be placed in honors for September?

Not at this time, but places in honors classes often become available if accepted students decline to attend Molloy. In that case, seats in honors classes are filled by the next most highly qualified applicants (on the basis of TACHS scores). So it is possible that applicants not initially invited into honors can find themselves in honors classes come September. If your child has an interest in a particular honors course or if you would like to find out the likelihood of your child being placed in honors, please contact the Assistant Principal for Academics & Scheduling, Dr. Des Flynn, at after Registration.


If my child is not in honors as a freshman, can he/she get into honors as a sophomore?

Yes. Any student may apply for any honors course in the spring of each academic year for the following September. Admission is competitive and is based on the grade the student has earned in that subject during the first three quarters. Students initially accepted into honors sometimes switch to standard courses later; students not initially admitted to honors often are admitted as sophomores and juniors.


What about Math Honors?

Most freshmen take Algebra 1. Students who want Algebra 1 Honors must take the Math Placement Test at Molloy (which is typically held in May). This is the only way students can qualify for Algebra Honors.


My child is taking the Algebra 1 Regents this June at the end of eighth grade. Will he/she be placed in Geometry?

Not necessarily. In order to be placed in Geometry, incoming freshman must earn high marks on both the Algebra 1 Regents as well as in the course (with parents reporting the scores to Molloy by June 27). Our current policy also requires students to take a Math Placement Test in May, but this is currently being discussed. It is so important for all students to have a solid foundation in Algebra before advancing to upper level Math courses, which is why we carefully review Algebra grades in 8th grade.


Will my child be at a disadvantage by not taking an advanced Math class in freshman year?

Absolutely not. All students, no matter which Math course they begin with, can move on to the highest level of Math we offer, AP Calculus, as seniors.


Why would my child have to retake the Algebra Regents if he/she has already passed it?


Passing indicates a basic level of competence, but at Molloy, we expect our students to demonstrate mastery. We have found that students are often trained to pass the Regents but do not grasp the principles behind what they are doing. This becomes a problem for them when they move on to further Math study in sophomore and junior year. A solid foundation in Math is of utmost importance.


When does my child choose a Foreign Language?


Language selection is made at the time of registration. Students are asked to indicate a first and second choice, though their first choice is almost always accommodated.


My child is already studying a Foreign Language. Can he/she be placed in an advanced level?


Students who seek placement in the second year of a language must take the Language Placement test given at Molloy (it is typically held in May). This is the only way a student can “place out” of the introductory level of a language; we do not consider grades on any other assessment.


My child speaks Spanish. Can he/she continue to study Spanish at Molloy?

We strongly recommend that native speakers begin a new language. Our language courses are intended for students who are unfamiliar with the language.


My child is taking the Earth Science Regents in June. How does this affect his/her Science placement?


The Earth Science Regents has no bearing on an incoming freshman’s Science placement, since most freshmen take Biology or Biology Honors. It does, however, fulfill the Physical Science requirement needed for an Advanced Regents Diploma.


My child is taking the Living Environment Regents in June. How does this affect his/her Science placement?

Students who score over 85% on the Living Environment Regents are placed in Earth Science. By taking the Earth Science Regents at the end of freshman year, they will have fulfilled both the Life Science Regents requirement and the Physical Science Regents requirement. Parents must report Regents grades to Molloy by June 29th for proper placement. Students who score under 85% on the Living Environment Regents will take an enhanced Biology course using our state-of-the-art labs under the instruction of our Science-certified teachers. They will retake the Regents in June of 2019.


How does my child select a Music course?

Students indicate their preference for a Music course on the day of Registration. Most students take Music Appreciation. Students with some experience or interest in singing or performance should request Chorus. Students who play an instrument, can read music, have studied music or plan to be in band should select Music Theory.


What is the difference between Global 1 Honors and Pre-AP World History?

Both are advanced freshman Social Studies courses, but the pre-AP course is more writing intensive, its intention being to prepare students for the AP World History course in sophomore year. Incoming freshmen are selected for either Global 1 Honors or Pre-AP World history on the basis of their TACHS scores.


Do students have to be in Pre-AP World History as freshmen in order to take AP World History as sophomores?

No, anyone can apply to AP World History at the end of freshman year. Acceptance is based on freshman Social Studies grades.


What are AP classes?

“AP” stands for “Advanced Placement.” It’s a national program administered by the College Board that gives students the opportunity to earn college credits while they’re in high school.


Can freshmen take AP classes?

No. These are college level classes. Students may begin to request AP classes as sophomores with AP World History. Juniors may request AP classes in Literature, U.S. History, and Computer Science Principles. A broad range of AP classes is open to seniors, including Composition, Calculus AB and BC, Physics, Biology, Psychology, European History and U.S. Government and Politics.


Is there any other way a Molloy student can earn college credits in high school?

Yes. Students can earn credits from St. John’s University, Seton Hall University, or Long Island University/ CW Post while taking select courses at Molloy in junior and senior year.


When is the first day of school for freshmen?


Freshmen are scheduled to report to school typically the Wednesday after Labor Day, though it is subject to change and will be confirmed in a mailing you will receive the June prior to that September. Freshmen will be scheduled for appointments to pick up their iPads before this, during the last two weeks of August. A June mailing will contain further information on this as well.


When will my child receive his/her schedule?


Students receive a list of all the classes they are scheduled for when they come in to pick up their iPad at the end of August.  They will then receive fully detailed schedules with times, teachers’ names, and room numbers, on the first day of school. Because last-minute adjustments are frequently necessary, it is impossible to publish schedules any earlier.


How long is the freshman school day?


Students should be in the building by 7:50. Classes begin at 8:00 and end at 2:10.


Whom can I contact if I have questions about my child’s schedule?


Contact Dr. Des Flynn, Assistant Principal for Academics and Scheduling, at prior to June 29 or after August 14.



**Due to Covid-19, all dates, details, and activities listed above are subject to change.