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Nurse's Office


Injury / Illness

  • Any student who is injured and will need accommodations at school must get a medical evaluation and obtain a note from the doctor before returning to school. This note must be presented to the school nurse upon return to school, before going to any classes. This medical note must contain injury, special needs, and permission to return to school.
  • Any student injured unrelated to school activities or has been absent due to surgery or chronic illness, must also follow the procedure explained above.
  • All student surgeries and medical illnesses (including over vacations) must be reported to the nurse upon return to school for proper follow up.


All Incoming and Freshman Forms:
 Upper Classmen Sports Physicals & Medical Forms:
Important Information:
Mrs. Maria Gallagher, RN
Phone: 718-441-2100 x123
Fax: 718 943 3173
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