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Campus Ministry

Department of Campus Ministry and Marist Mission

Breathing in and breathing out. Campus ministry is this - simple yet profound. Because we are all made in the image and likeness of God, we are spiritual beings, and our Marist charism calls us to develop that - the breathing in.

Because we are all made in the image and likeness of God, we have inherent dignity, and we are called to work towards creating a more just world - the breathing out. We are called to make Jesus known and loved and we do this in how we interact with others and the work we do in service to God’s people.

The activities provided give students the opportunity to deepen their own spirituality (breathing in) and bring each closer to a lived faith (breathing out). 

Our Campus Ministry program is based on these principles:

Understanding the Faith

  • Religion classes all four years
The Spiritual Life
  • Daily school prayer
  • Liturgical celebrations
  • Prayer as part of each class
  • Retreats
  • Marist Youth Programs at the Marist Brothers Center at Esopus
  • Get Grounded (a meeting of students to talk about life in the context of faith - mini after school 45-minute retreats)

Montagne Experiences - Serving Others

  • Local mission trips
    • Serving the homeless 
  • St. Marcellin Champagnat Service - mission trips - domestic and international
  • Service program - in our school, in Queens and at the Marist Brothers Center at Esopus
  • Collections from our abundance to serve the local community of Queens 
    • Food drive at Thanksgiving
    • Toy and gift card drive at Christmas
    • Change for Change in Lent


Department Members

  • Mr. Richard Costa, Director of Campus Ministry and Marist Mission
  • Mr. Matt Corrado, Campus Minister for Retreats
  • Ms. Rose Haslbauer, Campus Minister for Service

Members of the faculty assist in aspects of campus ministry and coordinate retreats. Special thanks to: Chris Autera, Dorothy DeNoto, Mary Edwards, Dcn. John Kramer, Brian Klimas, Dcn. Mike McCarthy, Dan O’Reilly, Shannon Winters.



Retreat Program

Freshman Camp - Freshmen are invited to participate in Freshmen Camp. It is held at the Marist Brothers' Center at Esopus in early summer. This week offers the opportunity to meet classmates, some of the upperclassmen, and many of the faculty before the start of the school year. Through organized games, activities and discussions, our freshmen begin to bond as a class and individual friendships are formed. Upon returning home, students will recognize new friends as they enter classes or the cafeteria. This program gives freshmen a sense of the retreat space we throughout their four years at Molloy.

Freshmen Day Long Retreat - All freshmen participate in a day-long retreat with their homeroom. This retreat serves as an introduction to our retreat program and offers the students a chance to enjoy each other’s company, to explore elements of what it means to live the pillars of a Marist Molloy Education.

Freshmen 3-day retreat at MCBE - The Five Pillars - They have the option to sign up for a freshman 3-day retreat at the Marist Brothers Center at Esopus that our staff runs. This retreat offers the students a chance to enjoy each other’s company, to explore elements of trust, confidence, and cooperation, while playing and praying together.

Sophomore 3 Day Retreat at MCBE - The Marks of a Marist Student - During the fall semester of sophomore year, students have an opportunity to explore the concept of friendship more fully and on a deeper spiritual level. It is a chance to examine knowledge of self and peer relationships. Guided by upperclassmen and faculty, students come to a better understanding of human relationships.

Sophomore Day Long Retreat - All sophomores will participate in a day-long retreat. This retreat serves as a continued experience of a retreat that helps students understand our Marist Mission on a deeper level, as well as offers the students a chance to enjoy each other’s company, and to explore the qualities we educate to in our students -faith-filled disciples, empowered witnesses, agents of peace and justice, servant leaders.

Junior 3 Day Retreat at MCBE - Letting Go, Letting God - The junior retreat takes place from Friday to Sunday and includes reflection, prayer, and companionship during a busy year for high school students. Students and their leaders share their experiences with decision-making, overcoming workload-induced stress, as well as finding support from family, friends, and God, and being supportive to others.

Senior 3 Day Retreat at MCBE - Encounter Christ - This is a popular program in many Marist schools throughout the country and is offered to seniors and gives students three days of talks, discussion, prayer, and reflection. Students develop greater trust in themselves and others and build a stronger relationship with God.

Montagne Experience - Service Retreats - Our overnight service retreats at MBCE offer a deeper dive into service that allows for a direct service experience as well as community building, group reflection and prayer.



Mission Statement - Campus Ministry & Marist Mission Department

Rooted in Catholic tradition and Inspired by the life and charism of St. Marcellin Champagnat, we work together to meet the diverse spiritual needs of the Archbishop Molloy High School community to make Jesus known and loved. Partnering with faculty, staff, administration, community partners in Queens, and the larger Marist community, we engage students through worship, retreats, works of justice and reflection in order to lay the foundation for students to encounter Christ. Through these programs and the ministry of presence and pastoral care, we provide witness to the love of Jesus Christ.



Vision Statement - Campus Ministry & Marist Mission Department

This department aspires to be a means for students to encounter and be transformed by God's love, both individually and as part of a community. We aim to make Jesus known and loved and to use Mary as a model of love, presence, and strength.