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iPad FAQ's

Why has Molloy chosen to go to 1:1 computing?
Molloy prides itself on providing an exceptional education in mind, body, and spirit to the students entrusted to our care. We recognize the enormous potential that iPads have to enhance the already superb education we provide to our students. By initiating the iPad program at Molloy, we are ensuring that our students will be the creative thinkers, innovative problem solvers, and collaborative learners who will succeed in an increasingly competitive college and work environment. Not for school, but for life.

What grades participate in the iPad program?
All grades participate in the iPad program.

When do students receive their iPads?
Freshmen will receive their iPads between August 22nd and August 30th. You can view the specific dates for your assigned distribution date here. You may also check the online calendar.

Will students need to bring anything with them to the iPad deployment?
No. The school will provide everything needed to use the iPad on deployment day.

What model of the iPad will the school be providing?
All Freshmen will be issued with a 2017 128 GB iPad. We want to ensure that our students have the most advanced technology at their fingertips and the memory needed for an exceptional 1:1 experience.

Will students use the same iPad for the four years they are at Molloy?
No. In order to provide Molloy students with access to the most up to date technology, students will receive a new iPad every two years.

Can students opt out of the iPad initiative?
No. The iPad is a required tool for all students at Molloy.

Can students use their own iPads?
No. The student technology fee covers the school issued iPad which is equipped with specific software and apps that students will need in class. The school issued iPad is also configured with specific user settings that allow for safe and secure monitoring and the ability to push apps directly to the students.

Why is there a technology fee?
The $500 technology fee is not an iPad fee. The fee supports the technology infrastructure that enables 1:1 computing and helps cover the cost of all apps, digital textbooks, the wireless infrastructure, the iPad lease, and support staff.

Will all the textbooks be digital?
Yes. All student textbooks are digital and will be accessed using the iPad. Some workbooks and novels, however, will still be only available in print versions.

Will student iPads be monitored?
Yes. All school issued iPads will be monitored for unapproved apps and offensive material through our Mobile Device Management System. All student email accounts are monitored and archived by Molloy. We have created a separate wireless network for student iPads that filters content that can be accessed by students. Certain capabilities, such as iMessage, Facetime, and Airdrop have been disabled on student issued iPads.

Are there student iPad responsibilities?
Yes. Students are expected to follow all acceptable use policies outlined in the student handbook. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action. Students are responsible for having a fully charged device when they report to school each day, securing their iPad in their locker when it is not being used, making sure the iPad is always in its protective case, and following all directives given to them by the IT department or their teachers.

What happens if the iPad breaks, is lost, or stolen?
In the event that an iPad is damaged, lost, or stolen students must report immediately to the IT helpdesk. All school issued iPads include Applecare, which covers manufacturing defects and malfunctions. Additionally all iPads come pre-registered with AppleCare Plus. AppleCare Plus covers two incidents of accidental damage, each subject to a $50 service fee plus applicable tax. All iPads have software installed which allows the school to track a lost or stolen iPad. However, students will be responsible for the full price of their iPad if it is not recovered.

Are there restrictions on apps that students can install on the iPad?
Yes. All school issued iPads come with a variety of pre-loaded apps. During the course of the school year, paid apps that students may use in class will be pushed directly to their iPads. Teachers may instruct students to install free apps at any time during the school year. Students may download apps that are educational or productivity based. Games and/or iOS Apps that are offensive may never be installed on a school issued iPad. Students may be asked to provide their iPad for inspection at any time. Inappropriate apps will be removed and the student will face disciplinary action.