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Named Scholarships

For over 120 years, generations of alumni, parents and friends have supported our school’s tradition of excellence by giving the gift of scholarship. We are inspired daily by the wonderful generosity of so many members of our community, all of whom place great trust in Molloy to nurture and empower the leaders of tomorrow. It all begins with you. Your support keeps the Molloy experience affordable and accessible for many students and families. Since 2003, your generosity has allowed over 500 Named Scholarships to be offered and accepted by outstanding students. These scholarships account for roughly a quarter of a student’s total tuition over a 4-year period. Receiving a Named Scholarship can make the difference for a family seeking to enroll their child or children at Molloy. Our Named Scholarships represent many members of the Stanner Family: Faculty, Marist Brothers, Alumni, Parents, and Heroes fallen in the line of duty. Just as every Stanner has a story, so too do the individuals who have Named Scholarships established in their honor.
For additional information about Named Scholarships, please contact the Admissions Department at [email protected] or call 718-441-2100.
In order to be considered for a Named Scholarship, please complete our Named Scholarship Application and submit it with a one page scholarship essay.

Awarding HALF to FULL TUITION annually for 4 years at Archbishop Molloy High School


Founded by Mr. Thomas McCormick ’68 to provide a comprehensive scholarship to intellectually gifted Black/African American young men to attend Archbishop Molloy High School. During this four-year program, Molloy will foster the intellectual growth of these extraordinary young men and help embrace and develop their gifts.


Awarded to an incoming freshman from St. Sebastian School or from the neighborhood of Woodside, Queens.
Awarded to two qualifying incoming freshmen. In total, 8 students benefit from this named scholarship fund over the course of one academic year. Each of these students has also demonstrated a socioeconomic disadvantage that would may make it more difficult for them to attend and remain enrolled at Molloy.
For more information contact [email protected]
Benefits students of immigrant backgrounds (at least one parent having immigrated to the US) and or African American students.These individuals and have also demonstrated a socioeconomic, cultural, or educational disadvantage. Students who are awarded this scholarship must have maintained a 90 average in elementary school, and must vow to become meaningfully involved in the life of Archbishop Molloy High School through extracurricular activities, athletics, or making an impact that furthers the goals of Molloy.
Four-year scholarship awarded every two years to an incoming freshman.
James Callahan '66 was adept in math and the sciences, and his love of these subjects is reflected in the parameters of his named scholarship. Recipients of the James Callahan Memorial Scholarship must exhibit an interest in math and science and have a passion for learning. This four year scholarship of $2,000 helps a varied number of students each year depending on the impressiveness and or abundance of potential candidates.
Special considerations for The Anthony J. Caruana Memorial Scholarship
  • Applicant is of Maltese decent
  • Resident of South Ozone / Ozone Park
  • Four-year scholarship awarded to incoming freshmen. Candidates who are the son or daughter of an active, retired, or deceased firefighter may be given preference.
  • Please download the PDF below for more information about The Firefighter Michael J. Cawley Memorial Scholarship.
r. Robert Englert was an integral part of Molloy’s faculty for many years, and his passion for helping students stands out in the minds of many to this day. By pioneering The Robert Englert Fellowship, Dr. Robert Hayes '70, founder of The Coalition for the Homeless, is able to do his part as an alumnus to “pay it forward” while at the same time highlight a man who spent much of his life inspiring others to look more closely at humanitarian and social issues. This fellowship helps place motivated Molloy students in fellowship/internship positions within institutions where they can succeed. Cara Salvatore '13, a recipient of the fellowship, spent an exciting summer working with the Medicare Rights Center in Manhattan. Following Cara's success, other opportunities await deserving students in the coming years.
Awarded to an outstanding graduate from the parish school of Our Lady of Victory in Floral Park.
For more information contact [email protected]
This scholarship benefits deserving students in need of financial assistance. Preference is given to a child of a single parent.
For more information contact [email protected]
Four-year scholarship awarded to an incoming freshman.
Four-year scholarship awarded to a deserving incoming freshman based on academic achievement and demonstration of strong mathematical skills.
This scholarship benefits deserving students, giving them the opportunity to learn and grow from the Molloy experience.
This four-year scholarship offers financial assistance to a student either enrolled or entering into Molloy. It also provides funding to ensure the mental health and well-being of a student in need.
For more information contact [email protected]
Awarded to a student who demonstrates a financial need. Preference is also given to candidates from Holy Child Jesus Catholic Academy in Richmond Hill.
For more information contact [email protected]
Preference for this scholarship is given to candidates who are the son or daughter of a firefighter or who have lost a parent in the line of duty.
Four-year scholarship awarded to incoming freshmen annually. The scholarship is largely based on financial need.
This scholarship benefits deserving, well-rounded students who may have a financial need.
Need-based scholarship established in loving memory of the late Mr. Louis Rossi, father of Robert '81 and Thomas '78.
Four-year scholarship awarded to an incoming freshman. Preference is given to a student from St. Thomas the Apostle in Woodhaven, Queens.
Awarded to students coming from St. Elizabeth's Catholic Academy in Ozone Park, Queens.
Four-year scholarship awarded to one student annually.
Four-year scholarship with preference given to children of FDNY members.

A four-year scholarship is awarded to one incoming freshman each year with priority given to well-rounded students from St. Elizabeth Academy in Ozone Park or St. Thomas Academy in Woodhaven. The scholarship amounts to $4,000 per year for each of the student’s four years of high school, a total of $16,000 for the student’s career at Molloy. All applicants must comply with the requirements of the named scholarship including an essay about themselves. At the discretion of the Scholarship’s Board (The Wuertz Family), additional scholarships may be given at any time.

This is a needs-based scholarship that benefits a wide range of students at Molloy.