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Named Scholarships

In order to be considered for a Named Scholarship, please complete the Named Scholarship Application and submit it with a one page scholarship essay. *DEADLINE TO SUBMIT Application Packet : December 1, 2017

Since 1892, St. Ann’s Academy / Archbishop Molloy High School has provided a premier education to tens of thousands of students. Through the decades, our students, now alumni, set the bar for academics and athletics. Now, each new freshman class arrives on Manton Street ready to accept the challenges laid before them and willing to continue our great tradition of excellence. Tradition is a powerful word. It is symbolic of the Marist Brothers, of the values instilled in our students, and of our unwavering dedication to the total education of the individual in academics, athletics and faith. For over 120 years, countless alumni, parents and friends have helped perpetuate our school’s tradition of excellence by lending their time, talents and treasure. We are inspired daily by the wonderful generosity of so many members of our community, all of whom place great value on the Stanner journey. It all begins with you. Stanner support keeps Molloy’s top-tier education affordable and accessible. Since 2003, your charity has allowed over 500 named scholarships to be offered and accepted. These scholarships account for roughly a quarter of a student’s total tuition over a 4 year period. This can make the difference for a family seeking to enroll their child at Molloy. Named scholarships at Molloy represent many members of the Stanner Family: Faculty, Marist Brothers, Alumni, Parents, or Heroes fallen in the line of duty. Just as every Stanner has a story, so too do the individuals that have named scholarships in their honor.
The Brother Angus Scholarship

This scholarship benefits students of immigrant backgrounds (at least one parent having immigrated to the US) and / or African American students. These individuals and have also demonstrated a socio-economical, cultural, or educational disadvantage. Students who are awarded this scholarship must have maintained a 90 average in elementary school, and must vow to become meaningfully involved in the life of Archbishop Molloy High School through extracurricular activities, athletics, or making an impact that furthers the goals of Molloy.
The Thomas J. Ashton Memorial Scholarship

Thomas Ashton '97 was a life-long resident of Woodside, New York. He loved basketball, baseball, and swimming. He was the captain of the Varsity swimming team at Molloy as well as the Flushing YMCA Flyers' Swim Team. As a peer group leader at Molloy, Tommy helped other students deal with life issues. He loved God, his family, his friends, and the many special people in his life. He attended St. Francis College in Brooklyn and majored in political science for three years before accepting a position as an electrician's apprentice with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW Local 3) in July of 2001. He began attending Empire State College on September 10, 2001 toward the completion of his bachelor's degree. September 11th, 2001 was Tommy's second day at his new work location in the North Tower of the World Trade Center. Sadly, he was among the victims on that tragic day. In his memory, the Thomas J. Ashton Memorial Scholarship awards one (1) four year scholarship to an incoming freshman of $2,000 per year. Students for this scholarship are chosen from St. Sebastian School or from the Woodside neighborhood.
The William Barry Memorial Scholarship

Mr. William Barry was a hard working family man, and he and his wife Florence always wanted the best for their son Robert. Mr. Barry insisted that Robert attend Archbishop Molloy High School, believing the Catholic education offered at Molloy, under the guidance of the Marist Brothers, made it the right place for Robert to spend his high school years. Over 40 years later, Robert Barry '66 continues to be a devoted alumnus and an active participant in the Molloy community. In 2003, Robert made a generous gift to Molloy that helped establish the William Barry Memorial Scholarship, which honors his late and beloved father. The scholarship awards 4 year scholarships of $2,000 to two qualifying incoming freshmen. In total, 8 students benefit from this named scholarship fund over the course of one academic year. Each of these students has also demonstrated a socio-economical disadvantage that would typically make it more difficult for them to attend and remain enrolled at Molloy.
The Joseph J. Berry Memorial Scholarship

Joseph Berry '64 was a man that gave everything and asked for little in return. Though he worked hard as Chairman and Co-CEO of Keefe, Bruyette, and Woods, he was defined by many as a family man. He ended every conversation with his wife and children with “I love you” and usually included his favorite phrase, “Life is good” in conversations with friends. Joe’s life was taken on September 11th, 2001 as he began the day working in his office located in the World Trade Center. Despite his tragic death, his loving spirit lives on in his family and friends and at Archbishop Molloy High School through the Joseph J. Berry Memorial Scholarship. Molloy awards a four year scholarship every two years to an incoming freshman under the parameters of this named scholarship.
The Florence & John Blaney Scholarship

More information coming soon...
The Joe Browne Scholarship

Joe Browne '64 has been a leading NFL executive for over 40 years. His determination and passion for his work have set him apart as one of the leading figures in the business of sports. He also believes in the power of education, and in turn established The Joe Browne Scholarship at Molloy to help put more young Stanners on the road to excellence. Under the parameters of this named scholarship, Molloy awards one (1) four year scholarship of $1,000 to a student coming from a single parent family and who has shown interest in athletic activities.
The James Callahan Memorial Scholarship

James Callahan '66 was adept in math and the sciences, and his love of these subjects is reflected in the parameters of his named scholarship. Recipients of the James Callahan Memorial Scholarship must exhibit an interest in math and science and have a passion for learning. This four year scholarship of $2,000 helps a varied number of students each year depending on the impressiveness and or abundance of potential candidates.
The Firefighter Michael J. Cawley Memorial Scholarship

Michael Joseph Cawley '87 was an enthusiastic Stanner, participating in many clubs, running track, and making many close friends while at Molloy. When Michael became an adult, he followed his dream of becoming a member of the FDNY. One of Michael’s proudest days as a firefighter was on April 4th, 2001. He and his company responded to an accident in which a man was electrocuted by the power lines he was repairing. Using his quick instincts and training, Michael put his life on the line to save another. He was hoisted up to the dangling man. Once in place, he cut the man free and carried him down to safety. The man lived due to Michael’s heroics. On September 11th, 2001, Michael’s life, like that of so many of his brother firefighters, was tragically cut short when he responded with Rescue Company 4 to the terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center. Michael lived and died with a passion to help people. His memory continues to inspire many within the Molloy community, and his spirit enriches the lives of students through The Firefighter Michael J. Cawley Memorial Scholarship. Molloy awards three (3) four year scholarships to incoming freshmen. Candidates who are the son or daughter of an active, retired, or deceased firefighter may be given preference.
Justin Crisafulli Memorial Scholarship

Justin Crisafulli '99 played on the Molloy golf team and enjoyed every minute of it. He was a well liked member of the Molloy family, and brought joy to everyone around him. Sadly, Justin lost his life in 2004 following complications from surgery. Justin is remembered at Molloy through the Justin Crisafulli Memorial Scholarship, which awards one (1) 4 year scholarship of $3,000 to a student demonstrating a financial need. Candidates are identified and recommended by the Crisafulli family.
Peter DeCurtis '71 Memorial Fund

During his time at Molloy, Peter was a shining example of our school motto “Not for school but for life” as a hard working Stanner. Peter made the Dean’s List all four years, was a member of the National Honor Society, involved in our sports programs, and volunteered as a member of the Creedmore Volunteers and the Student Activities Committee.

To honor the memory of Peter, family, friends, and loved ones have established the Peter DeCurtis’71 Memorial Fund at Archbishop Molloy High School. Gifts in memory of Peter directly impact students with extraordinary needs and economic hardships currently enrolled at Archbishop Molloy High School.
The James Duggan Scholarship Fund

This scholarship fund was created in appreciation of Archbishop Molloy High School for the excellent education Mr. James Duggan '52 received as a member of the Stanner family. The James Duggan Scholarship Fund is awarded to students demonstrating a financial need.
The Robert Englert Fellowship

Dr. Robert Englert was an integral part of Molloy’s faculty for many years, and his passion for helping students stands out in the minds of many to this day. By pioneering The Robert Englert Fellowship, Dr. Robert Hayes '70, founder of The Coalition for the Homeless, is able to do his part as an alumnus to “pay it forward” while at the same time highlight a man who spent much of his life inspiring others to look more closely at humanitarian and social issues. This fellowship helps place motivated Molloy students in fellowship/internship positions within institutions where they can succeed. Cara Salvatore, a recent recipient of the fellowship, spent an exciting summer working with the Medicare Rights Center in Manhattan. Following Cara's success, other amazing opportunities await deserving students in the coming years! For more information, contact the Stanner Alumni Center at (718) 441-9210.
The Brian Fallon Scholarship Fund

More information coming soon...
The Daniel Fitzgerald Memorial Scholarship

Daniel Fitzgerald '73 was awarded a full 4 year scholarship to Marquette University as a midshipman in the US Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps. He served in the US Navy for four years, rising to the rank of Lieutenant. Daniel would eventually leave the military and became a civil engineer in San Francisco. Later, he returned to the east coast and established his own construction firm, serving as president. Sadly, his life was cut tragically short by an automobile accident. His spirit lives on at Archbishop Molloy High School through the Daniel Fitzgerald Memorial Scholarship, which is awarded to an outstanding graduate from the parish school of Our Lady of Victory in Floral Park.
The John Gibbons Memorial Scholarship

John Gibbons began his 34 year career at Molloy in 1966 as an English teacher. He later taught Geology to seniors, creating his own tradition of on-site field trips to learn more about this most fascinating subject. He was perhaps best remembered by students as one of the best driver's education teachers this side of Manton Street. Gibbons, along with colleagues Jim Kinnier and Joe Smith, founded the Stanner Golf Classic in 1986. The Classic, which serves as an annual reunion and fundraiser, displays the dedication of all three men to Molloy and its students. To date, the outing has raised over $2 million for Molloy's scholarship program - including the John Gibbons Memorial Scholarship. Sadly, John Gibbons passed away in 2007, but he left behind a wonderful legacy at Molloy through his named scholarship. This scholarship continues to benefit dozens of deserving students by providing financial assistance. Preference is given to a child of a single parent.
The Kaitlyn Grogan Memorial Scholarship

Katy Grogan '08 was a wonderful person. She excelled in academics and athletics and held many friendships at Molloy. On February 15th, 2008, at 18 years old and just three and a half months shy of her high school graduation, Katy was involved in an automobile accident while on a trip in Florida that tragically took her life. Katy’s smile lifted all those around her. Even now her spirit continues to brighten the lives of others through the Katy Grogan Scholarship Fund, which grants deserving students from Sacred Heart School in Bayside (Katy’s other alma mater) the opportunity to attend Molloy. Julia Rosa' 12, the first graduating recipient of Katy's scholarship, said, "This scholarship will help jump-start a student just like me. Other recipients should be as active at Molloy as possible and always keep Katy in their hearts."
The Andrew Harvey Memorial Scholarship

A bright young Stanner, and well known member of the local community, Andrew Harvey '98 embodied the determination of an athlete and the commitment of a scholar. He made many close friends at school, and was very close with his large and loving family. Sadly, Andrew was tragically killed during his junior year at Molloy. In remembering Andrew, the school's annual 5K Fun Run was renamed in his honor. In addition, the Andrew Harvey Memorial Scholarship was established at Molloy. This scholarship awards one (1) 4 year $1,000 scholarship to an incoming freshman student.
The John Kelly Award

The John Kelly Award grants one (1) one year scholarship of $2,500 to an incoming freshman from St. Joan of Arc School in Jackson Heights. Candidates are selected while considering feedback from the Principal of St. Joan of Arc School.
The Jim Kinnier Scholarship

Jim Kinnier taught history at Molloy for over 35 years. His passion for education, volunteering, and philanthropy has benefited countless Stanners since his first day on the job in 1962. One of Jim's greatest contributions has been founding and his continued commitment to the Stanner Golf Classic. The Classic, which serves as an annual reunion and fundraiser, is the apex of Jim's dedication to Molloy and its students. To date, the outing has raised over $2 million for Molloy's scholarship program - including the Jim Kinnier Scholarship. Though Jim retired in 1998, Jim still volunteers his time to ensure the success of the Stanner Golf Classic, and his scholarship continues to benefit dozens of deserving students, giving them the opportunity to learn and grow from the Molloy experience.
The Joseph M. Leone Family Scholarship Fund

The generosity of Mr. Joseph M. Leone '71 and family has resulted in a scholarship fund in his name. This scholarship benefits students demonstrating a financial need who also boast current and sustained high academic achievement as well as outstanding leadership qualities and values.
Edward J. Malone & James Francis Malone Scholarship

The Malone family has graciously established this partial scholarship, which benefits students demonstrating a financial need while also possessing an excellent academic record. Candidates must also have a strong record of community involvement.
The Brother Ronald Marcellin Memorial Scholarship

Br. Ron Marcellin, a member of the Class of 1952 at St. Ann’s Academy, was an influential teacher and guidance counselor at Molloy. Br. Ron made it a point to think “outside the box” in his mission to help students tap into their full potential. He related to students, guided them through the difficulties of youth, and encouraged them to always seek to better themselves. Br. Ron impacted the lives of a great many students during his tenure at Molloy. Sadly, his passing after a heroic battle with cancer also affected many. However, the Stanner community continues Br. Ron’s mission to help Molloy students through the establishment of The Brother Ron Marcellin Scholarship. This scholarship offers financial assistance to a student either enrolled or entering into Molloy. It also provides funding to ensure the mental health and well-being of a student in need.
The John J. McGovern Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established in memory of Mr. John J. McGovern, father of four Stanners. The scholarship is awarded to a student who demonstrates a financial need. Preference is also given to candidates from Holy Child Jesus Catholic Academy in Richmond Hill.
The Camille Palmero Melli Scholarship

More information coming soon...
Lt. Robert Nagel Memorial Scholarship

After graduating from Molloy, Robert B. Nagel '63 earned his BA from St. John’s University. Soon after, Bob would serve in the Vietnam War with the 59th Scout Dog Platoon. Bob returned home in 1970 and work hard to become a New York City Firefighter, which he accomplished in 1973. Bob would serve the city of New York in this capacity for 28 years, including on September 11th, 2001. Like so many of our loved ones, Bob tragically lost his life that day in an attempt to save others. His loving spirit is remembered in the hearts and minds of many, as well as at Archbishop Molloy High School through the Lt. Robert Nagel Memorial Scholarship. Preference is given to candidates who are the son or daughter of a firefighter or who have lost a parent in the line of duty.
The Patrick Rein Memorial Scholarship

Patrick Rein '98 was a loving brother, cousin, and most importantly, father. He loved his years at Molloy, making many close friends and even winning the New York City Championship with the soccer team in the process. He had high aspirations in life and worked toward become a restauranter. Sadly in 2009, Patrick was tragically killed in an automobile accident. The Rein family hopes for Patrick to be remembered as the kind, passionate, devoted person that he was, and they feel this can be best achieved through the Patrick Rein Memorial Scholarship, established at Molloy in 2012. The scholarship will benefit deserving, well-rounded students who might also have financial constraints in choosing their high school.
Lt. Robert Regan Memorial Scholarship

Robert M. Regan '71 grew up right here in Briarwood and attended Our Lady of the Cenacle. Later he earned a BA in Civil Engineering from Manhattan College. Robert took his degree into the professional world where he started working in engineering, however he knew he was not satisfied and decided to become a member of the FDNY. He was appointed on December 9th, 1985 and assigned to Engine 26. He was promoted to Lieutenant in 1996 and would later find a home in Brooklyn Heights at Engine 205, Ladder 118. On September 11th, 2001 he responded to the emergency at the World Trade Center. His selflessness was on full display that day as he gave his life in an attempt to save the lives of others. Today, Lt. Regan is remembered at Molloy through a named scholarship established by his family. The scholarship awards four (4) four year scholarships of $1,500 to incoming freshmen annually. The scholarship is largely based on financial need.
 The Brother Leo Richard Memorial Scholarship

Throughout Molloy’s history, there have been individuals that have seemed to be almost larger than life. For many students and alumni, Br. Leo Richard was such a giant. “The man with the booming voice” always lumbered through the classrooms and hallways of Molloy with a purpose. By day he was a world history and religion teacher. After school, or quite frankly, whenever necessary, Br. Leo was a guidance counselor. No matter where or when, Br. Leo always made himself available for students in need of guidance. He worked hard to instill confidence in vulnerable teens, reinforcing the idea that they were better and stronger than they may have thought. “Be who you are,” he would say. He never passed judgment, and he always cared for each student he came across with conviction.
Beneath Br. Leo’s Boston accent and love of the Red Sox was something much deeper. He had a passion for helping young people through their formative years. He created and revolutionized the concept of peer to peer group counseling; something he called “likes on likes.” He moderated sessions that saw students counsel fellow students, imparting what wisdom they themselves had learned while facing the many challenges teenagers typically experience. Br. Leo’s concept became so critical to Molloy’s counseling program that it needed to grow. He enlisted the help of many other counselors over the years: Fr. Edward Doran, Dr. Robert Englert, Mari Hart, Br. Ron Marcellin ‘52, Mary Michels, Dr. Patrick Murphy, Sheila Murphy, Br. James Norton ‘63, Br. Francis Regis, and many others. The program came to be known as SMILE, which stands for Something More In Life’s Experience.
After Br. Leo’s passing in 1995, the program only got stronger. There was a whole network of people who wanted to carry on his work to make sure that Molloy would never be without SMILE. In 2015, SMILE celebrated its 50th anniversary. In the presence of past and present counselors, Molloy recognized the program’s amazing staying power, which is a testament to the foundation that Br. Leo first built during the 1960s. Today, under the leadership of Guidance Chair Mr. Chris Dougherty ’91, SMILE continues to help students navigate the trials and tribulations of teenage life in a comfortable, friendly, judgment-free environment.
The Brother Leo Richard Memorial Scholarship endeavors to provide Molloy with critical support for currently enrolled students undergoing extraordinary hardships by means of emergency grants. Consider making a gift in Br. Leo’s name today, and help us perpetuate his legacy by continuing to help young men and women.
The Frank X. Rienzo Scholarship Fund

Coach Frank Rienzo is a true Molloy legend, having led Stanners on the Track & Field team to 10 consecutive major team championships between 1960 and 1969. His passion for guiding young athletes at Molloy, and later at Georgetown, left a lasting impact on countless runners as well as the entire Track & Field landscape. In following Coach Rienzo's great tradition of excellence, a named scholarship was established in honor. Candidates for this scholarship demonstrate a financial need, while preference is given to students already attending Molloy. Students must also be involved in extra-curricular activities or community service programs.
Diane Romalewski Memorial Scholarship

For more information on this and other named scholarships awarded by Archbishop Molloy High School, contact the Stanner Alumni Center at
The Louis Rossi Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established in loving memory of the late Mr. Louis Rossi, father of Robert '81 and Thomas '78.
The Robert Scandole Memorial Scholarship

Robert Scandole '83 was a kind, caring person from a very young age. As a teenager, Robert attended sign language classes after school and used his talents and versatility to help others as a volunteer at summer camp programs for handicapped children. At home, Robert constantly noticed the needs of others, and did his best to be as accommodating as he could be. As a professional, Robert excelled in his role as a Vice President at Cantor Fitzgerald. Clients and colleagues alike knew Robert as a caring man who always made those around him feel comfortably. Sadly, Robert's work placed him in the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001, and he tragically lost his life that day. Robert left an indelible mark on his family and friends, and he is remembered at Molloy through The Robert Scandole Memorial Scholarship. Molloy awards one (1) four year full scholarship to an incoming freshman that demonstrates a financial need.
The Shannon Family Scholarship

This scholarship awards one (1) four year scholarship of $1,000 to an incoming freshman. Preference is given to a student from St. Thomas the Apostle in Woodhaven, Queens.
Stanners For Life

For more information on this and other named scholarships awarded by Archbishop Molloy High School, please contact the Stanner Alumni Center at (718) 441-9210.
The Donald Sweeney '90 Guidance Department Fund

Donald attended St. Joan of Arc Grammar School, Archbishop Molloy High School, and graduated Fordham University in 1994 with a degree in Finance. Don loved sports and was an avid NY Mets, Jets, & Rangers fan. A fixture in the New York Bar industry for close to 20 years, Don bartended for 13 years at Sutton Place in Midtown, Manhattan, and was part owner of Alumni Hall in the Bronx & the Green Rock Tavern in Hoboken, NJ. Don always held a deep appreciation for Molloy, including all of the Marist Brothers and lay faculty. In particular, the guidance department had a lasting, positive impact on his life. Don was always up for lending a hand or supporting a worthy cause. He believed greatly in helping those that needed help the most. One classmate shared, “You knew Don would always support a worthy cause no matter how many times he was asked. He gave as much as he could…always. That’s the kind of person Don was.” To honor his memory, friends, family, and loved ones have established the Donald Sweeney '90 Guidance Department Fund at Molloy. Gifts in memory of Donald will directly impact the programs and services provided by the Guidance Department.
The Brother Terence Memorial Scholarship

Brother Terence Jones, Class of 1936, had a passion for teaching that extended well beyond the classroom. From teaching mathematics, to tutoring hundreds of students, to coaching baseball, basketball, rugby, track, swimming, and volleyball, Br. Terence not only coined the phrase "God Bless All Stanners," he lived it. In remembering Br. Terence, this 4 year scholarship of $2,000 in his name is awarded to a deserving incoming freshman based on academic achievement and demonstration of strong mathematical skills.
The Brother Richard Van Houten Scholarship

This scholarship was established by the Van houten family in honor of Br. Richard Van Houten '66, one of the leading Marist Brothers in the northeastern United States and a firm supporter of Catholic education. The endowment sponsors a $2,000 tuition grant each year.
The Michael Viola Memorial Scholarship

Michael Viola graduated from Molloy in 1984 and with honors from Manhattan College in 1988. A bright young man, Michael was extremely motivated to succeed in life. In his memory, Michael's family has established a scholarship fund at Molloy so that other young men or women can receive the same strong educational foundation that Michael received at Archbishop Molloy High School and beyond. The scholarship awards one (1) student $2,000 annually.
The Captain Patrick Waters Memorial Scholarship

Patrick Waters was a loving husband and father, and his top priority was always the needs of others before his own. He was Captain in command of HazMat1, a highly specialized group trained to identify, neutralize and remove hazardous and biochemical materials. In this capacity, Capt. Waters gave his life to rescue the thousands who were in the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001. Today, Capt. Waters' memory continues to inspire Stanners through the Captain Patrick Waters Memorial Scholarship, which awards one (1) student $1,500 annually. Preference is given to children of FDNY members.
The Stephen J. Wuertz Memorial Scholarship

Stephen J. Wuertz '67 was a special person to many. He enjoyed life with wife Catherine and brothers Frank '64, Donald '66, Ray '72 and Michael '74. He never lost sight of the important things in life, even when he was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 49. He faced this adversity for over 10 years with amazing courage, but sadly lost his battle against the disease in 2010. "Stephen changed our lives forever, "says Frank Wuertz. "He continues to bring all of us closer together." In honoring Stephen's memory, the Wuertz family established the Stephen J. Wuertz Memorial Scholarship at Molloy. The school will grant a four year scholarship of $2,000 per year to one incoming freshman every four years, with priority given to well-rounded, deserving students from St. Elizabeth School in Ozone Park or St. Thomas the Apostle School in Woodhaven - neighborhoods near where Stephen grew up.