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Molloy Deploys New Personalized Acceptance Video

A week prior to the Winter Open House, Molloy deployed an innovative personalized acceptance video via email to all accepted eighth graders. Each video is unique, featuring the name of the student to personally congratulate them on their acceptance. The 1 minute 37 second piece is not only an awesome way to welcome new Stanners into the Molloy family, but it can also be shared across numerous social media platforms – helping to create a major buzz about Molloy in New York City. “No other school in our area is using this unique personalized video concept; we are first to market,” said President Richard Karsten ’81.

CLICK HERE to watch the video!

See it for yourself! Click the video link above to experience how eighth graders recently found out they were accepted to Molloy. (*Note: This version of the video includes the name “Richard” as an example)



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