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Ms. Safrey, Mr. Sheldon Celebrate Milestones

 The Beehive would like to recognize Ms. MaryAnn Safrey (pictured top right w/ a graduating senior) and Mr. Jim Sheldon ’88 (pictured bottom center at Freshman Camp w/ Mr. Klimas & Mr. Kelly), both of whom recently celebrated their 25th anniversaries here at Molloy. Earlier in her career, Ms. Safrey taught English and several electives, but more recently has served as Assistant Principal for Students. Throughout her career she has been a proponent of Molloy’s theater and arts programs. She has always sought ways to expand these programs and discover new opportunities for students to showcase their talents both on Manton Street and through outside programs. Mr. Sheldon’s passion for and vast knowledge of the sciences has made him a favorite in the classroom. His work at Freshman Camp, as an announcer at basketball games, as a hockey coach (1998-2008), and through many other programs and activities around the school has resonated with countless students, colleagues, and alumni. Congratulations Ms. Safrey and Mr. Sheldon, and thank you for making Molloy a better place for the past 25 years.