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Summer Renovations

It has been a busy summer here at Molloy, with plenty of renovations and maintenance taking place. First and foremost, Molloy’s basement level is receiving several upgrades. The track & field office, previously located next to the weight room, has been relocated. A new enclosed room (pictured top right) is being built in its place and will house a brand new video broadcast studio. The studio will help make creative video projects more prominent in student life, and perhaps one day facilitate curriculum-based programs. In addition, the weight room, soon to be known as our Strength & Conditioning Center, is receiving a massive upgrade that will see all equipment replaced and an updated look. A high wall will also replace the preexisting fencing (pictured top left). The new weights and exercise machines will help promote a safe fitness environment and allow our student-athletes to make the most of their workouts. Finally, the Information Technology office, which is located where the senior lounge once was, is undergoing aesthetic renovations to make it a more welcoming and inviting space. As Molloy moves toward a fully integrated iPad curriculum this fall, having a comfortable and inviting space for staff, students, and faculty to seek tech help will benefit everyone moving forward. Expect a new stop on the tour during this year’s Open House on October 15th!

Elsewhere, more classrooms are receiving ceiling and lighting upgrades. Interior ceilings and walls are receiving fresh coats of paint, flooring is being updated on Molloy’s upper levels and locker rooms, and Manton Street itself is being repaved as well. Our main elevator, located in the center of the building, is also undergoing maintenance to improve its functionality and assure it is up to city code. You can expect photos of all the finished products later this summer.

These renovations, as with many of the wonderful things going on here at Molloy, are due in large part to the generosity of our school community. Alumni, students and their families, and friends of Molloy have made it possible for Molloy to continually upgrade its campus and provide a modern and constantly evolving educational environment. On behalf of everyone here at Molloy, the Stanner Alumni Center thanks you for doing your part to keep us at the top of our game.