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Molloy Community Supports Girls' Leadership Scholarship Fund During Radio Bingo!

On Friday, May 3rd, Molloy’s GERLL (Girls' Empowerment for Real Life Leadership) Club hosted the ever-so-fun Radio Bingo! A crossover between Bingo and Name-that-Tune, Radio Bingo offered the Molloy community a chance to sing, dance, win prizes, and most importantly, support the Girls’ Leadership Scholarship Fund!
Throughout the night, DJ’s @ Work played songs that were found on Bingo cards. They encouraged guests to get up and dance, sing, and let loose for a night! Members of the GERLL Club sold t-shirts, food, and raffle tickets to help raise money for future female Stanners. Co-moderator of GERLL Club Ms. Sabina Kobinski ‘04 says, “Having the GERLL club to put Ms Henning (other GERLL Club moderator) and I at ease is great because we know that they would put in 110%.” The night ended with a 50/50 raffle and auctioned off baskets, with all proceeds supporting the Girls’ Leadership Scholarship Fund.
The Girls’ Leadership Scholarship Fund was created by female faculty to help support and educate female students who might not be able to afford Molloy’s tuition. Within the walls of Molloy, the GERLL Club acts as a space that facilitates and perpetuates female empowerment. Many among the Molloy community volunteered their time, made raffle baskets, and promoted the event to ensure maximum support for a wonderful cause. Ms. Kobinski says, “It’s beautiful to see so many of our faculty, staff, and clubs come together to put on this event. We are so grateful for our ‘beehive’ of supporters.”