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Social Studies Department Utilizes Harvard Business School Case Method

Three members of Molloy’s Social Studies Department - Ms. Diana Rayappa ‘04, Ms. Sabina Kobinski ‘04, and Ms. Jennifer Lamb – have all received professional development through the Harvard Business School Case Method Project. This has provided them a strong foundation to teach real-life cases in a manner that helps their students better interpret and understand the material. This past week, Ms. Rayappa’s AP Government students studied the case of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Struggle for Black Voting Rights (1965), coinciding with Black History Month.

According to Harvard Business School Case Method Project, the Martin Luther King, Jr. case “traces the long history of black disenfranchisement and racial segregation in the United States, from the Reconstruction Era to the 1960s. It describes the various strategies employed by civil rights activists, with a special emphasis on the civil disobedience protests of the modern Civil Rights Movement, and culminates in Dr. King’s decision of whether to lead protesters across Pettus Bridge on the famous protest march starting in Selma, Alabama on March 9, 1965.” Students are tasked to read and learn about the case, then determine the outcome based on readings and class discussions. On the last day of the project, they learn the actual historical conclusion.

Thank you to Molloy’s Social Studies Department for teaching this and many other important lessons every day!