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Stanner Gisele Habibulla '25 Participates in Data Science Research

While Stanners are constantly thriving within the classroom, many are using their talents outside as well! One such student, Gisele Habibulla ‘25, brought her Computer Science knowledge to The Coding School, where she participated in the 2023 Columbia Data Science Research Program.

The program, spanning a month during the summer of 2023, immersed Gisele in the world of Data Science. According to Gisele, she was “taught the fundamental skills needed for research by teachers from The Coding School and worked with mentors from Columbia University to put those skills to the test.” She learned essential techniques in data preprocessing, model selection, and data visualization, as well as the coding language R. “These were all skills built up from scratch,” she shares, “as I had no experience with Rstudio or the R programming language, making this an especially unique experience.” The program also provided Gisele a comprehensive understanding of machine learning algorithms, and taught her about the practical application of artificial intelligence in various fields. 

During the program, Gisele created her own research project entitled “Price Wars: A Comparative Analysis of Apartment Rental Sites,” which acts as an approach to investigating and understanding the dynamics of apartment rental pricing across various online platforms. Regarding her project, Gisele highlights, “It involved creating a comprehensive slideshow presentation that documented every step of my research, including data cleaning, the development of a well-defined research question, the implementation of machine learning algorithms for data analysis and visualization, as well as conducting a t-test to compare means of data." The entire program concluded with participants presenting their projects, allowing them to showcase the outcomes of their research and the knowledge they had gained during the month.

Molloy is continuously proud of the accomplishments earned by Stanners. Gisele took initiative, finding a summer program that was rigorous, intensive, and aligned with her interests, and she received a quality mentorship in the process!