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Students Present Research at Science Symposium

On May 15th, Molloy hosted the annual Science Symposium in the William J. Murphy Library. Students presented their Science Research projects, which covered a spectrum of fascinating topics. These include a study on using Python to discriminate between music and speech (Abigail Mallia ’23), a potential link between fast-food and commercial baked goods consumption and risk of depression (Joshua Jarrett ’25), the effects of service animals on patients in medical facilities (Emily Kitson ’24), what makes certain songs bring out our emotions (Veronica Nerone ’24), and many more. Some projects saw Molloy students conduct their research with experienced mentors. Daniella Rupert-Gopalsami ’23 worked with a mentor to compare ginger and Neosporin in treating E.coli bacteria.

The research conducted by our students was thorough and the range of their interests and findings was truly impressive! Thank you to Ms. Mary Mallia for working with our students and organizing the Science Symposium, and thank you to all who attended and supported our Science Research program. You can download the event program below to learn more.