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Stanner Kamsi Nwasokwa '23 Publishes Her Own Self-Help Book!

Amidst being in quarantine, wearing a mask, and social distancing from friends and family, Molloy senior Kamsi Nwasokwa ‘23 self-published a self-help book! Titled Become the Person of Your Dreams, the workbook is meant to inspire readers to reach their full potential. 

Kamsi says that the inspiration for the book came during the Covid-19 Pandemic. “I noticed people lacking motivation,” Kamsi shares, continuing, “There was this atmosphere of despair, and I wanted to do something to lift people’s spirits.” The book is meant to help people focus on themselves and find purpose in their lives, allowing them to “become the person of their dreams.” Increasing your productivity, learning self discipline, and having a positive attitude are just some of the chapter focuses of the book. 

Writing a book was not completely out of left field for Kamsi. Developing her love for writing since the first grade, it was Kamsi’s dream for years to publish her own work. While her passion for writing never went away, growing up shifted her focus towards other responsibilities, such as school and her family. However, in 2020, her mother encouraged her to once again pick up the pen. “My mom was my main support,” says Kamsi, “from when I was little until now, she told me to keep writing.” Kamsi went from jotting down ideas that came naturally to her, to expanding those ideas into chapters that would make readers strive to be better. 

At the end of the book, there is a writing section; pages with lined paper meant for reflection. When asked why, Kamsi said simply, “When you write, you remember.” Readers are meant to answer prompts and reflect on the chapters they have read to internalize the messages Kamsi is teaching them. On the back cover of the book, a quote by Kamsi herself is featured. It reads, “You’re the only person stopping yourself from becoming the person you were destined to be.” She explains, “My target audience are people with passive mindsets, and I want people to know that they are in control of their own lives. I want them to acknowledge that, and to not take their lives for granted.” Thank you, Kamsi, for sharing your work, and congratulations!