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Social Studies Class Welcomes Veterans

On November 15th, three post 9/11 combat veterans served as virtual guest speakers in Mr. Beaudet’s US History Class. Jason Smith, Sarah Rudder, and Melissa Lueck shared their background and experience in both the military and recovering from major physical and mental post-war injuries. Sarah Rudder was injured at the Pentagon the morning of September 11th and ultimately had her leg amputated. She has since gone on to win 18 medals at the Invictus Games. Jason suffered significant damage to his hand and both legs during an incident while deployed in Afghanistan. Melissa served in Iraq as a heavy equipment transporter and operator.

Some of the topics covered included enlisting at the age of 17, a woman’s perspective of serving in the military and post-war experiences, the connection between physical activity and mental health, having a positive body image, the role of God in their lives, being kind, and the value of service. Mr. Beaudet’s class was able to engage with these speakers through the Catch-A-Lift Fund, which provides physical and mental health services to post 9/11 combat veterans.