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Alumna Shares Advice With GERLL Club

Christy Dey ’16 recently served as a guest speaker after school during a meeting of Molloy’s G.E.R.L.L. Club (Girls Empowerment for Real Life Leadership). Christy first shared a bit about her background. She is currently studying economics and environment at Barnard College and is an intern at J.P. Morgan. Christy shared tips and advice to our students on how to manage their time and juggle their many responsibilities. She urged them to prioritize time management, and to always be aware of how much time there is to complete a task, whether it is a single exam or a paper with a longer deadline. Christy recommended volunteering often and recording these experiences in their portfolios. “Schools and future employers love to hear about your volunteer work,” she said. “It’s a great talking point in interviews. What did you offer as a volunteer and what did you learn from it?” Christy then shared several interview tips including: 1. Research the school/company you are meeting with. “The moer you know, the better.” 2. Schools/Companies want to see that you are passionate about their mission, or how your passion aligns with theirs. 3. Be kind and authentic. 4. Talk confidently about what you can bring to their school/company. Christy closed by circling back to their current experience at Molloy. “It is important and rewarding to genuinely strive to learn and absorb. Don’t only focus on the numbers or the grades.” Thank you, Christy, for meeting with our students! (Read an alumni update about Christy from 6/17/18). (Special thanks to Brianna Garrison ’21 for providing information for this story)
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