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Freshman Field Day!

On Friday, September 27th, Molloy held its annual Freshman Field Day. This important and long-running tradition helps build a sense of community among the freshman class. The day began with a Mass of the Holy Spirit and continues with a series of athletic and academic challenges that promote teamwork and inspire class spirit. Homerooms competed against each other in events such as basketball, soccer, track relays, shot put, long jump, spoon race, potato sack race, and the high jump. The high jump, the final event of the day, gave the entire freshman class an opportunity to join together, regardless of which homeroom they’re in, and cheer on each freshman challenger as they tried to clear that pesky bar. The cheers got louder and louder as the bar got higher and higher. Overall, the Class of 2023 had a great day that we hope they’ll always remember! Do you remember your Freshman Field Day event? Send your memories to

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