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Athletic Awards Night Winners


On May 21, 2019, Molloy presented awards to its top student-athletes in each sport, as well as the top male and female overall during its Athletic Awards Night ceremony. James Loeffel ‘19 and Bridget Montgomery ‘19 were named the Jack Curran Outstanding Senior Athletes. In addition, outstanding student-athletes who excelled in both the classroom and in athletic competition received Student-Athletic Academic Awards.

James Loeffel is a 4 year Varsity athlete. He was captain as a senior and is a four-time State Qualifier. He is an 8-time Brooklyn/Queens Champion. He was a 2-time podium finisher at City Meets. He is a 4-time Meet winner. Through his leadership, motivation, and work ethic he led Molloy to the CHSAA Intersectional State Championship in Cross Country. Molloy has only done this one time before in 1981. He will be attending Seton Hall University on a Track scholarship in the fall.

Bridget Montgomery is a four-year Varsity athlete. She was the captain of her team and broke 10 records including lowering her own record 5 times. As a freshman, she went undefeated in all of her events. In the City Championships she won both of her events, set new school records, and won the City Championship in two relays. As a sophomore, Bridget broke another school record as well lowered her own record in the 500 Free Style. As a junior, she lowered her own record yet again in the 200 and 500 Free Style, and she did that once again as a senior. Bridget will be attending Stonybrook University on a swimming scholarship in the fall.

Congratulations to all of our winners and their coaches:

  • Boys & Girls Freshman Cross Country: Coach’s Award: Samir Patel, Julia Brophy; MVPs: Alex Filipkowski, Megan Rosemond
  • Boys Freshman Track & Field: Coach’s Award: Ryan Jaipaul; MVP: Julian Kim
  • Girls Freshman Track & Field: Coach’s Award: Cher Mei; MVP: Abigail Jefferies
  • Boys Freshman Swimming: Coach’s Award: Kasper Niepokis; MVP: Brian Weigand
  • Boys Freshman Basketball: Coach’s Award: Jo Jo Yu; MVP: Joseph Medlin
  • Girls JV Soccer: Coach’s Award: Jaime Greene; MVP: Rosaria Spatola
  • Boys Soph Cross Country: Coach’s Award: Seamus Girdusky; MVP: Thomas Anich
  • Girls Soph Cross Country: Coach’s Award: Marina Tsimisiris; MVP: Casey Gilroy
  • JV Bowling: Coach’s Award: Kelvin Morocho; MVP: Isaiah Gutierrez
  • Boys Soph Track & Field: Coach’s Award: Eric Akosah; MVP: Ike Anaege
  • Girls Soph Track & Field: Coach’s Award: Isabella DeSantis; MVP: Amber Walters
  • Boys JV Soccer: Coach’s Award: Nikolas Kapsalas; MVP: Seamus Girdusky
  • Girls JV Basketball: Coach’s Award: Jessica Kelly; MVP: Brooke Leahy
  • Boys JV Basketball: Coach’s Award: Isaiah Milian; MVP: Dylon Coq
  • Girls JV Volleyball: Coach’s Award: Samantha Acostas; MVP: Claudia Smith
  • Girls JV Softball: Coach’s Award: KC DeSarno; MVP: Olivia O’Rourke
  • Boys JV Baseball: Coach’s Award: Nick Patin; MVP: Jack Prendergast      
  • Girls Step: Coach’s Award: Obuko Kabel; The MVP: Ashleigh Requijo
  • Boys Varsity “B” Basketball: Coach’s Award: Zeous Haider; MVP: Chris Tracy
  • Girls Varsity Cross Country: Coach’s Award: Paige McDade; MVP: Sophia Fernandez
  • Boys Varsity Cross Country: Coach’s Award: John Loeffel; MVP: James Loeffel
  • Girls Varsity Basketball: Coach’s Award: Olivia Sackitey; The MVP: Tori Hall
  • Boys Varsity Basketball: Coach’s Award: Frank Navarra; The MVP: Speedy Carcamo
  • Girls Varsity Soccer: Coach’s Award: Natalia Piotrowski; The Kaitlyn Grogan MVP Award: Krista Schemitsch
  • Girls Varsity Tennis: Coach’s Award: Emily Mauro; MVP: Kaitlyn Mendoza
  • Boys Tennis: Coach’s Award: Shane Tomonia; MVP: Franco Manriquez
  • Girls Varsity Volleyball: Coach’s Award: Sarah Quispe; MVP: Donna Collins
  • Boys Varsity Swimming: Coach’s Award: Tim Mehta; MVP: Joseph Brennan
  • Girls Varsity Swimming: Coach’s Award: Jaime Greene; MVP: Bridget Montgomery
  • Girls Varsity Track & Field: Coach’s Award: Laurah Perrin; MVP: Nicoletta Ziozis
  • Girls Varsity Lacrosse: Coach’s Award: Victoria Rey; MVP: Reilly Mangano
  • Boys Varsity Soccer: Coach’s Award: Matthew Lava-Vetell; MVP: Michael Dorcean
  • Varsity Handball: Coach’s Award: Matthew Perez; MVP: Gregory Mulett
  • Varsity Bowling: Coach’s Award: Andrew Zaoutis; MVP: Harris Mirza
  • Golf Varsity “A”: Coach’s Award: Ben Sweeney; MVP: Justin Persaud
  • Varsity Baseball: Coach’s Award: Justin Kestay; MVP: Justin Ortiz
  • Boys Varsity Track & Field: Coach Award: Garrett Lavelle; MVP: Peter Meehan
  • Varsity Softball: Coach’s Award: Reagan Goger; MVP: Kelsey Carr


Student Academic Awards

Congratulations to our Student Academic Award winners. This honor is presented to outstanding student-athletes who excelled in both the classroom and in athletic competition. Winners:

  • Andrew Zaoutis, Bowling
  • Matthew Mshar, Handball
  • Elise Fargo, Girls Soccer
  • Matthew Asca, Boys Soccer
  • Sarah Quispe, Volleyball
  • Justin Hidalgo, Boys Track & Field
  • Kennedy Kirk, Boys Cross Country
  • Jewel Yuzon, Girls Swimming
  • Michael Antonino, Boys Swimming
  • Nicole Werner, Softball
  • Paige McDade, Girls Track & Field
  • Kara Gallagher, Girls Cross Country
  • Emma Kiley, Girls Basketball
  • Andrew Visceglia, Baseball
  • Hazel Charcos, Girls Step
  • Anthony Talion, Boys Tennis
  • Faith Fidgetakis, Girls Tennis
  • Ryan Hart, Varsity “B” Basketball
  • Elise Fargo, Girls Lacrosse
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