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Molloy Basketball



Three HS Hoops Stars Named All-Americans 

Moses Brown, Archbishop Molloy

Brown, standing at an imposing 7-feet, 1-inch, is the first All-American from Molloy since 1989, when Kenny Anderson earned the honor. Anderson went on to have a 15-year career as a point guard in the NBA and was named a 1994 NBA All-Star.

The senior center was a 2016-17 CHSAA ‘AA’ First Team Tablet All-Star and a First Team All-League player last season after averaging 20.0 pts., 13.0 rebounds and 4.0 blocks per game. He credits his teammates for helping him achieve this honor and said the energy level among the team has been enhanced ever since he was nominated.

“We were waiting for it all day so we could see the roster,” said Brown, who played CYO hoops at Our Lady of Lourdes, Queens Village. “Then when it came out we were all excited. It’s the highest honor you could get as a high school athlete.” Earlier this season, Brown scored his 1,000th point as a member of the Stanners. Only 14 players in program history have reached that milestone. More honors are likely on the way for Brown, but for now, it’s all about the team and winning basketball games.

“I’m going to continue to apply myself and stay humble and work hard every day on the court,” he said. “I just want to be able to dominate the game defensively as well as offensively.”



2018 Rosters

Check back soon for full rosters!
Frosh Roster   JV Roster  
Anthony Anastasis '22    Justin Barfield '21  
 Jeremiah Dorsey '22    Cody Briggins '21  
 John Gianesses '22    Dylan Coq '21  
 Emmanuel Hernandez '22    Brendan Ferguson '21  
 Brandon Lou '22    Zih-Peng Han '21  
 John McCabe '22    Michael Hernandez '21  
 Joseph Medlin '22    Aidan Lee '21  
 Emmanuel Obiora '22    Constantine Matheos '21  
 Chase Robinson '22    Isaiah Milien '21  
 George Sanoulis '22    Chima Obayi '21  
 Desmond Ward '22    Mark Pulisic '21  
 Jonahson Yu '22    Nikolas Sanoulis '21  
 Kingsley Yusuf-Ewumi '22    Mitchell Satin '21  
     Alhric Whitter '21  

Varsity "B" Roster   Varsity Roster  
 Ethan Chaltu '19    Gabriel Barbes '19  
 Zeous Haider '19    Dillon Beetz '19  
 Ryan Hart '19    Xavier Board '19  
 Gregory Mulett '19    Michael Casey '19  
 Christopher Tracy '19    Jamani Fowler '19  
 Christian Cadet '20    James Mojica '19  
 Charnier Corey '20    Frank Navarra '19  
 Andrew Flores '20    Elijah Blackman '20  
 Guillaume Hollant '20    Michael Browne '20  
 James Perkins '20    Abdias Carcamo '20  
 Joseph Risitano '20    Isaiah Grant '20  
 Joseph Russo '20    Devraj Nath '20  
 Jermy Singh '20    Alfredo Piedra '20  
JV Roster   Varsity Roster  
 Caterina Fox '21    Averianna Eisenbach '19  
 Jessica Kelly '21    Tori Hall '19  
 Brooke Leahy '21    Emma Kiley '19  
 Samantha Alcotas '22    Olivia Sackitey '19  
 Journey Ambert '22    Olivia Doreste '20  
 Kristen Donovan '22    Valerie Eisenbach '20  
 Ava Doreste '22    Sophia Fernandez '20  
 Keeley Hurd '22    Skylar Laboy '20  
 Elpiniki Karavangelas '22    Pattie-Sierra Marino '20  
 Gabriella Meditz '22    Taylor Russo '20  
 Alison Rodriguez '22    Maya Cwalina '21  
 Megan Rosemond '22    Tyler Dendy '21  
 Emily Sanso '22    Fiona McArdle '21  
     Amoni Byrd '22  

Boys Varsity: Michael McCleary
Boys Var. "B": Steve Borhi
Boys JV: Chris Murphy
Boys Freshman: Chris DeSarno
Girls Varsity: Ed Grezinski
Girls JV: Joe Harnischfeger
Basketball Schedules
s. 2______________________
  Date F JV "B"  
 St. Mary's 12/7/18   63-60      
 St. Mary's