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Cash Calendar

Girls Leadership Scholarship Fund
The Girls’ Leadership Scholarship Fund, facilitated by a committee of women educators representing Archbishop Molloy High School, is sponsoring its second CASH CALENDAR RAFFLE and cordially invites and encourages you to join us for this event.

The raffle drawing will take place during the 2nd Annual Fashion Show on April 9th. Winners will be contacted and their names will be announced during morning broadcast on Monday, April 11th. The daily broadcasts are accessible on Molloy’s website. First prize is $500. Second prize is $200 and the 3rd prize is $100.

ALL proceeds from the CASH CALENDAR RAFFLE will be added to the Girls’ Leadership
Scholarship Fund and will benefit, and hopefully serve to attract, academically gifted female
candidates with exceptional leadership potential who may be seeking admission to Archbishop

The calendar posted below represents the days in a full calendar year. To participate, first fill in the form with your personal information. Then indicate a month and day of your choice in the drop down box. You may want to choose birth days, anniversaries, days with special or sentimental meaning for you, etc. We encourage you to participate and make your choices early since A TOTAL OF ONLY TWO DIFFERENT PLAYERS MAY SELECT THE SAME BOX.THE COST IS $10 A BOX TO PLAY, that is for EACH month/day chosen. Boxes will be updated on our calendar each night as the raffle proceeds.

NOTE: If two players choose the same winning date/box, the prize amount will be split evenly
between them.

🌺 Whether or not you choose to play, please consider making a donation to our fund. You will
also find a box to select a donation option.

The CASH CALENDAR RAFFLE will be a culminating event in celebration of March...which recognizes International Women’s Day and which is designated Women’s History Month. Thank you for your interest in and support of our efforts towards promoting girls’ leadership at Archbishop Molloy High School.