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Welcome to the Stanner Alumni Center

Over 23,000 strong, Molloy alumni live and work worldwide. The Stanner Alumni Center strives to keep our alumni connected, to foster lifelong friendships, and to create professional opportunities. We are also grateful for the generosity of our community, as countless students have benefited from support. We are proud to serve the Stanner community.


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Stanner-Owned & Operated Restaurants: Take Our Survey

SRW21As we all continue to navigate the challenges of COVID-19, the Stanner Alumni Center recognizes that the restaurant / food services industry has been and continues to be significantly impacted throughout the pandemic. Many Stanner-owned and operated restaurants are among the many businesses that are working within strict health and safety guidelines, including restrictions on indoor dining and a model based on takeout, delivery, and outdoor dining in the cold winter months.

We would like to celebrate Stanner-owned and operated restaurants by promoting these businesses during an upcoming “Stanner Restaurant Week”. Molloy wants to do its part to help these businesses by encouraging our community to support them however they can. We invite restaurant owners/operators and food service managers to fill out a brief survey to help us collect important data that will help us promote your businesses in the coming weeks. Click the button below to begin the survey. Please complete the survey by January 31st. (If you encounter any problems with the survey please contact



RCB21Runner Awareness Week (Jan 18-24)


Last year, Molloy partnered with The Run Collective to host an event addressing safety and awareness issues for runners, with a special focus on predatory behaviors targeted at women. The Run Collective strives to make the world a safer place to recreate through awareness, education, discussion, and activism. This month, Molloy will again be advocates for this important initiative as we invite Stanners and friends to participate in any of a number of free virtual events hosted by dynamic presenters from The Run Collective during Runner Safety Awareness Week, January 18-24, 2021. You are invited to be a safe and conscientious runner while looking out for others.


For the Stanner family this is an important issue that hits home. We continue to mourn the loss of Karina Vetrano, Class of 2004, and in doing so continue to be advocates for runner safety and awareness.

Visit for more information and a schedule of events.




Stanner Life Magazine Coming Soon – Update Your Address

The Stanner Alumni Center has completed its latest edition of Stanner Life magazine and is preparing for printing and distribution. Now would be the perfect time for you and your family to update Molloy with your preferred mailing address, especially if you or your children have recently moved to a new home.
To update your preferred mailing address or other contact information, visit or email us directly at Look out for Stanner Life in late January.

35th Annual Jim Kinnier Stanner Golf Classic – SAVE THE DATE

  • SGC35When: Monday, May 3, 2021
  • Where: North Hills CC, North Hempstead CC, Garden City CC
  • Important: Capacity limited to 72 golfers per course
  • Contact: | 917.464.4470

Join us for the return of the Jim Kinnier Stanner Golf Classic on Monday, May 3, 2021. All proceeds from Molloy’s annual alumni golf outing directly benefit our outstanding students. This year, the outing will be a little different. Capacity will be limited to 72 golfers per course. In addition, Molloy will comply with all CDC and New York State health and safety guidelines as we continue our response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The event will also not include dinner, but there will be other gourmet meals and exceptional service provided throughout the day. Please save the date! Please contact Matt Rizzotti ’04 (see above) for more information.


Molloy Hosts First Business of Sports Event


On December 1st, the Stanner Alumni Center hosted its first event geared toward the Business of Sports. We were fortunate to present a discussion led by four industry experts, each with a unique perspective on this diverse and exciting field. Panelists included: Rosalyn Gold-Onwude ’05, Sports Broadcaster, ESPN, TNT, & More; Monica Ferreira Gimlett ’06, Director of Strategy, NFL Partnerships; Adam Behnke, Chief Business Officer, Queensboro FC; Ed Kull ’99, Director of Athletics, Fordham University. Topics included general networking, building a personal brand, how to gain an advantage through learning new skills, and more. Thank you Ros, Monica, Adam, and Ed! The event has since been uploaded to Molloy’s Youtube channel as a resource for our community.




Stanners & Friends Enjoy Virtual Yoga w/ Jennifer Kelleher '04



Thank you to Jennifer Kelleher ’04 for hosting her latest Virtual Yoga & Meditation for the Molloy community! Stanners and friends enjoyed a gentle yoga session as Jen guided them “through a slow-flowing sequence of sacred geometric poses intentionally designed to organize, align, and inspire one’s entire being.” This session was suitable for beginners and more advanced yogis alike. The event was free to participate, with a suggest donation to the Karina Vetrano Memorial Scholarship, benefiting young women entering Molloy in the future. Thank you to everyone who participated, as well as to those who made a gift to Karina’s scholarship.


Jennifer Kelleher is a certified yoga instructor and is experienced working with large groups and individuals. She invites you to follow her Facebook or Instagram!


Giraldi ’17 Helps Molloy Students With #CRUSHCOVID



Back in May, Dante Giraldi ’17 decided he couldn’t sit by while the COVID-19 crisis was affecting so many people in the communities he loves. Dante launched an online fundraiser called #CRUSHCOVID, which would provide frontline workers with supplies and meals, benefit his beloved Gottschee Soccer Club of Queens, and help Molloy students affected by COVID-19. Dante’s hard work and outreach helped #CRUSHCOVID raise $5,445 for these three causes.


Dante recently visited Molloy to present his donation to Molloy. During his visit, Dante took the opportunity to speak with several students after school, sharing advice based on his own experiences at Molloy and in college. A portion of the funds raised through Dante’s campaign have since helped Molloy provide meals to students who have lost a parent or guardian to COVID-19, or to students whose parent(s) may have experienced loss of income. Funds have been credited to these students’ “my kids spending” lunch cards. Thank you, Dante, and everyone who generously supported the #CRUSHCOVID campaign. Your kindness has helped several Molloy students during this difficult time.


*Note: Dante is pictured with the students he spoke with during his visit. A photo with the students directly benefiting from Dante’s donation was not taken out of respect for their privacy. Pictured with Dante: Christian Rosig ’22, Olivia Sweeney ’22, Lucia Vucetic ’24 & John Wise ’22.



Community Remembers Br. Leo Richard, SMILE Counselors


On November 14th, over 100 Stanners and friends gathered on Zoom to honor the memory of the late Br. Leo Richard, FMS, and past counselors of the SMILE program who are no longer with us. 2020 marks 25 years since Br. Leo’s passing. The idea to host an event honoring the legacy of the beloved SMILE founder was first conceived by Br. Dan O’Riordan ’85. After mentioning the idea in passing to current SMILE moderator Mr. Chris Dougherty ’91, there was no way the event wouldn’t happen!


The Virtual Remembrance of Br. Leo was initially planned for June, but the pandemic pushed those plans back. Fortunately, Zoom allowed perhaps even more members of our community to gather virtually from across the country. Those who attended represented each decade of graduates from the 1960s all the way to the 2020s. Those who attended were a blend of past and present SMILE and Peer Group participants, counselors, PGLs (Peer Group Leaders), and members of the Morris family (Br. Leo’s family). Other special guests included Msgr. Ed Doran, Br. Dan, Richard LallyBr. James Norton ’63, and Ray DiStephan ’87.







Alumni Center Hosts First Virtual Networking Event

SVN20On November 10th, the Stanner Alumni Center hosted its first Virtual Alumni Networking Event. Stanners tuned in from across the United States via Zoom to learn from a panel of distinguished professionals, which included: Opal Vadhan ’11, Executive Assistant to Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton; Morrell Gaskins ’12, Associate Director of Recruiting, COOP Careers; Jason McGann ’96, Managing Director, PineBridge Investment; Matt McLaughlin ’87, Partner-in-Charge, Venable LLP.

The discussion focused on navigating the job market during the COVID-19 pandemic. Topics included how to prepare for and conduct a successful job interview on Zoom, personal branding, curating one’s Internet footprint, using social media to your advantage, best practices for interview follow-ups, and much more. Our panel was also gracious enough to provide a document containing many of the “Do’s and Don’ts” that were discussed during the event as a resource for all Stanners. Click the blue button below to download the document.

Thank you to our outstanding panel, Ms. Nancy Cantalino for her technical support, and all our alumni and friends who joined us. We look forward to hosting more virtual networking events in the near future (including the Business of Sports on December 1st! Click here for more info.).






Br. Dan O’Riordan ‘85 Launches Second Book



Congratulations to Br. Dan O’Riordan ’85 on the launch of his second book, Never too Young to Change the World.

A note from Br. Dan: “We live in a time and world that desperately needs heroes. So many people struggle today to find hope and sometimes question whether God is listening to the many needs of our current time. The pages of this book are filled with inspiring true stories of young people who, despite their age, have dramatically impacted our world. Each of these young individuals are responding to many of the needs in our world by living their faith and being witnesses of hope and love.

Each story illustrates the divine greatness in all young people and offers examples of how blessed our world is to have so many unsung and quiet heroes who are impacting our world, one person at a time. Read and be amazed and inspired by these young ambassadors of faith, hope and love. Many of the young people highlighted in the book are graduates of Archbishop Molloy High School, including Opal Vadhan ’11 on the cover.


All proceeds from the book will support the Marist Brothers’ Center in Esopus. The book is available on Click Here to get your copy today.”


Carissa Jordan ’04 Launches “Benjamin Talks”


Carissa Jordan ‘04 is thrilled to announce the launch of Benjamin Talks, a financial literacy initiative. Benjamin Talks aims to take the taboo out of money talk and make the next generation fluent in finance. With the innovative Benji Bank and creative, digestible content, Benjamin Talks works to educate, engage and empower children to know their worth, no matter what path they choose to take in life. Co-Founded by two moms with backgrounds in finance, Carissa Jordan, along with her partner, Nikki Boulukos, realized there was no blueprint for teaching young children about money. Carissa recognized the power of understanding money from a very young age. As the oldest of three children in a blue-collar household, Carissa began tutoring and babysitting by 12 years old. She quickly taught herself how to budget and always stuck to a financial plan.


As Stanners like to tout, ‘Non Scolae Sed Vitae,’ Carissa turned to the Stanner network for expert advice in the legal and accounting fields. By using the LinkedIn alumni page, Carissa worked with John Coster IV ‘08 and his team at Duane Morris for legal counsel. Carissa also reconnected with Kristy Caruso ‘04, who helped broker Benjamin Talk’s business relationship with EisnerAmper.  To learn more, visit and follow along on instragram @BenjaminTalks. Carissa can be contacted directly at



December 1st was #GivingTuesday, an international day of giving to charities, causes, and organizations in our communities. Here at Molloy, on #GivingTuesday and everyday, we are dedicated to helping our students with critical financial need and providing resources that ensure a safe and effective learning environment for all. Our dedication has only been deepened as we continue to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Together, with your support, we can excel in meeting these challenges.
Molloy is so grateful for all you have done and continue to do to provide our students and faculty with the best educational experiences and opportunities possible. Your support is deeply appreciated as we continue to strive for safe and uninterrupted instruction. Even as #GivingTuesday comes to a close, you can still make an impact. To make a gift to this ongoing effort today, please visit our website by clicking the button below.



#EsopusRunners Remembers Br. Bob Andrews, FMS



On November 21st, members of the Molloy community participated in the Esopus Runners 5K race at Van Cortlandt Park. This year’s special race was held in memory of our beloved Br. Bob Andrews, FMS. | Click Here To Visit Esopus Runners Online

Br. Dan O’Riordan ‘85, who was one of the main organizers of the event and a close friend of Br. Bob for many years, shared the following: “I had the privilege to join a number of current and alumni members of the Molloy Track Family as we remembered long-time Molloy coach, Br. Bob. Folks joined for a belated #EsopusRunners 5K run, which began on the flats of Van Cortlandt Park and ended at the bridge, after two laps at the infamous back hills. Br. Bob spent almost 50 years cheering on generations of XC ‘harriers’ to great success in those same hills. His booming voice of encouragement will forever be heard there and in the quiet of the hearts of all of us who were lucky to have been coached by him. After the race, we shared breakfast, a prayer for Br. Bob, and many inspiring stories of the impact he had on so many of our lives. The younger Stanners of today were encouraged to continue to live and build Molloy’s track legacy and family spirit in the years ahead. God Bless All Stanners!"


New Compilation of Stanners' Best NYC Marathon Finishes

Track PicIn honor of NYC Marathon season, Coach Joe Dombrowski recently shared some interesting stats that he has been collecting for some time: Stanners’ all-time best NYC Marathon finishes. The list currently features 57 alumni spanning six decades of graduates. The top three times on the list from first to third are Dan McGrath ’01 with 2:23.04 in 2008, Keith Forlenza ’05 with 2:33.57 in 2010, and Stephen Bione ’07 with 2:36.31 in 2018.


We invite all Stanner runners, especially those who have run the NYC Marathon at any point, to click the button below to review the list. Please help us continue to build the list by sending your best NYC Marathon times or any corrections to






Actor Vincent Piazza '94 Visits Stanner Players Virtually


Actor and screenwriter Vincent Piazza ’94 was kind enough to visit the Stanner Players and Director Ms. Shannon Winters ‘06 as a virtual guest speaker via Zoom. Vincent talked about a range of topics including his path to acting, how to work with casting agents, how to mentally focus and prepare for scenes, how to identify with and become a character, and how to build confidence as an actor while managing doubt. He also shared stories from throughout his career, including being cast by Clint Eastwood as Tommy DeVito in the musical drama film Jersey Boys, despite limited prior experience singing. “It was a very ‘lived in’ musical, meaning the film featured actors who had done the actual musical onstage hundreds of times. I had done it zero times, but I worked with great people who put up with some of my early flubs,” joked Vincent.


Later in the conversation, Vincent discussed some of the ways the pandemic has affected film, television, and theater. While COVID-19 has caused a significant financial strain on the industry as a whole, the pandemic will also inspire many original works in the near and distant future. “We’re going through something generational together, and we all are living experiences that are uniquely our own,” he explained. “I hope you’ll all consider writing your experiences down. Preserving this moment is invaluable. You’ll look back on what you wrote and how this snapshot in time has affected your life.”


Stanners & Friends Enjoy Virtual Molloy Oktoberfest

JBThe Stanner Alumni Center extends a special thank you to everyone who attended our first ever Virtual Molloy Oktoberfest on Thursday, October 22nd. Stanners and friends gathered on Zoom for a virtual beer tasting led by Certified Cicerone® Joy Reichenbach (pictured right) of Other Half Brewing Company. Joy is Manager of Operations and Communications at Other Half and the founder of @joylovesbeer. Joy has held numerous roles in the beer industry and has a passion for traditional beer styles and beer education. Joy’s knowledge and expertise were on full display as she led a guided tasting of the following original Other Half beers: Double Dry-Hopped (DDH) All Cashmere Everything Imperial IPA (8.5%); Pumpkin Space Latte Crunchee (7.2%); DDH Small Citra Everything IPA (6.5%); DDH Nelson Daydream Oat Cream IPA (6.5%). Thank you, Joy! After postponing many recent events, we were so happy to connect with our community once again. 

Rob Dittus '15 One of Two New Marist Postulants

RD15Congratulations to Rob Dittus ’15, who has been officially welcomed by the Marist Brothers as one of two new Marist postulants. This means that Rob and his fellow postulant, Ryan Richter, are beginning a year of exploring the Marist Brotherhood and deepening their relationship with Jesus Christ. They will use this time to decide whether the life of discipleship is their calling. The Marist Brothers humbly ask that you pray for Rob and Ryan as they begin this new chapter. The last Molloy graduate to join the Marist Institute was Br. Dan O’Riordan ’85, who now serves as Vice Provincial of the US Province.


Women at Work Panel (3/11/20)



On March 11th, before the start of distance learning, Molloy’s GERLL Club (Girls Empowerment for Real Life Leadership) hosted a very special Women at Work panel event after school. The panel featured alumnae and friends of Molloy representing fields including healthcare, law, development/non-profit, education, visual arts/design, and communications. The discussion focused on the experiences of each panelist within their industry, while each shared unique insights and professional advice....Click Here for Full Story


Now Open: "City/Game: Basketball in New York"


Pictured above L-R: Entry of City/Game: Basketball in New York Exhibit at the Museum of the city of New York; Tweet posted by Kenny Anderson ’89 while viewing his game-worn Molloy jersey at the exhibit.


The Museum of the City of New York (MCNY) has opened City/Game: Basketball in New York. The exhibit “intertwines New York’s vibrant history of street and playground basketball with the narratives of the players, coaches, and moments that have made the city’s high school, college, and professional game the stuff of legend.” Molloy is represented with items including vintage photos of the late Jack Curran, a ball signed by Lou Carnesecca ’43 and one of his championship teams, and a game-worn high school jersey sported by Kenny Anderson ‘89. The exhibit will run through January 3, 2021. The MCNY is located at 1220 Fifth Avenue at 103rd Street in Manhattan and is open daily from 10am-6pm. Click the following links for more info or watch the trailer below: Press Release | Museum Website | Exhibit Website


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