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Admissions » Learn More About The Admissions Team

Learn More About The Admissions Team

Admissions Team: Edwidge Turenne (left), Heather Green-Wresch (center), and Jonathan DiDonato (right)
Ms. Heather Green-Wresch (Executive Director of Enrollment Management): Ms. Green-Wresch was Director of Admissions at a nursery school in Rockaway and has been a swim coach at Molloy for 22 years and counting.

Mr. Edwidge Turenne
(Director of Admissions, Data & Scholarships): Mr. Turenne graduated Molloy in 1998 and served as Assistant Director of Financial Aid at The New School.
Mr. Jonathan DiDonato (Director of Admissions, Engagement & Media): Mr. DiDonato is also a proud alumnus, as he graduated in 2001.  He has an extensive background in media and customer relations.
Each team member of the Admissions Department brings something unique to the table.  All are passionate about the school and its continual betterment.  Each can handle any inquiry, regardless of their specializations, so feel free to contact them at any time.
Admissions email address:
Individual email addresses:
Ms. Green-Wresch - [email protected]
Mr. Turenne '98 - [email protected]
Mr. DiDonato '01 - [email protected]
In each individual email case, we also recommend CC'ing [email protected] so the department receives the email as well to ensure it gets answered in a timely manner.