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Stanner Anthony Kerr ‘23 Creates Brand New Music Club

Molloy is proud to introduce its newest extracurricular, The Music Club! Started by senior Anthony Kerr ‘23, The Music Club has been an idea of his since his freshman year. After putting in the work, the club is now up and running! 

The Music Club, which is open to all Stanners, is described as a space where people can come together to talk about, listen to, and create music. Its mission statement reads, “The Music Club aims to introduce a broad spectrum of musical genres that members of the Molloy community may not have typically been introduced to on their own.” Some goals of the club include cultural education, analyzing song lyrics, emotional growth through community, manifesting positivity, and building a general interest in music. 

The club’s theme of unity did not come about by chance. As its founder, Anthony said that the idea for The Music Club solidified itself during the year of at-home learning, due to the pandemic. He shared, “Being in isolation, it seemed like the world was consumed with problem after problem. As a form of escapism, I turned to music. It got me through the pandemic and broadened my perspective on many things.” He continued, “Music has the power to unify, educate, and bring joy regardless of differences, and I wanted to bring that to Molloy.” After returning to school and discussing his idea with his friends, Ms. Murdocca, and Dr. Penikas, Anthony’s club proposal was approved during his senior year! 

The club, simply, is a forum where students and faculty are encouraged to come together and speak about music. Anthony shared, “I feel that oftentimes, we get so caught up in our schoolwork, and I wanted to create a place where we can incorporate our passions into school life. The Music Club is all-inclusive; we are interested in an array of different genres from popular to the obscure, as long as it promotes unity or understanding. We want people to feel welcomed to share their taste regardless of how different it is.” Anthony acts as Creative Director, and the two friends who helped him create the club, Carlo Gilbert ‘23 and Evan Caicedo ‘23, serve as Co-Directors. When asked about his feelings on the club, Carlo shared, “Music is my passion, and I’m happy that I’m going to be able to have real discussions about a big part of my life with my peers.” 

The Music Club held its first ever meeting on January 10, 2023. Anthony, Carlo, and Evan spoke to club members about the vision for the club, and then asked club members what they wanted to get out of this extracurricular. Club moderator Ms. Sharon Huang then spoke to students, and afterwards the club played Kahoot! in which members had to answer questions about music history. In the future, Anthony hopes to collaborate with Ms. Murdocca on Spirit Week, especially at the athletic events. He also hopes to collaborate with the Afro-Caribbean Club for a meeting during Black History Month, in which they will talk about and celebrate music by Black artists. Finally, Anthony hopes to get the word out to all clubs that if they are in need of music during any of their events, they can reach out to The Music Club for curated playlists or DJing by Anthony himself!