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Stanners Participate in NYC QxQ Meetup

In December, Molloy’s QubitxQubit: Quantum Computing students had a chance to visit IBM’s Midtown office and meet with quantum computing scientists, as well as other students from New York City!

Tyler Tabarovsky ‘23 said that he had a fantastic time at the NYC Quantum Computing meetup. He was grateful for meeting the founder of The Coding School, Kiera Peltz, and one of the world's top innovators and physicists, Dr. Zlatko Minev. He shared, “I liked that Dr. Minev talked about how he and his team were working on encryption in quantum computing and how quantum computers are going to affect cybersecurity and the way we live.”

Kaelem Bent ‘23 shared that he felt lucky to have had the opportunity to study quantum computing and AI with The Coding School at Molloy. “The visit to IBM was a good way to connect with other New York City students and meet our lab instructors in person. I’m glad we had a chance to discuss the future of computer science and all the challenges quantum computers will bring,” said Kaelem.

“It was inspiring to talk to PhD students and scientists who are in the position you want to be in,” added Nico Dolengewicz '23. “They reinforced my decision to study computer science and cybersecurity. I gained so much knowledge from this visit to IBM and am grateful for the opportunity.”

In the group picture: Havish Chandiwala '23, Kaelem Bent '23,  George Guaman '24, Joshua Jarrett  '25,  Zahedi Rozan '25, Tyler Tabarovsky ‘23,  Nicolas Dolengewicz ’23,  and Nicholas Mohabir ‘23 with IBM scientists and MIT instructors.

Second photo: Tyler Tabarovsky with Dr. Zlatko Minev.