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Molloy Adds Sports Management to its List of Clubs and Activities!

Molloy is always looking to add new clubs and activities so all students can find something they’re passionate about. A number of new clubs have been introduced in the 2022-23 school year, including the instant hit Sports Management Club! Moderated by Ms. Stephanie Staiano, the club allows for student involvement in documenting and sharing athletic information to the public. 

According to Ms. Staiano, “The club was created for students who are interested in sports and want to get involved in the athletics program here at Molloy. Some of our members are on teams, and some are students who are interested in helping to manage the teams. The club members do sports photography, create sports media posts for social media, create graphic designs for sports content, keep statistics, report scores, broadcast games, assist staff on media days, and help with athletic events.” 

Each individual sports team will have its own representatives from the club that will make sure all information is received and shared. Representatives include a reporter, graphic designers, statisticians, and broadcasters. 

Co-president of the club Samantha LaTempa ‘23 shares, “This club was created in order to build support for the athletics program here at Molloy and to create exposure for all of the amazing athletes we have. I love how anyone can be involved in this club and how you don’t have to be on a sports team to participate.” Co-president Anthony Romano ‘23 says he “enjoys working together with students from all grades to represent our athletes here at Molloy,” which is why he and Ms. Staiano were so motivated to start the club. 

The club is always accepting new members! If interested, make sure to reach out to Ms. Staiano at [email protected]  

Pictured are club members, club presidents, and photos taken by members Stephen Krische ‘24, Grace Murphy ‘23, and Anthony Romano ‘23.