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Stanner-A-Thon 2022!

On Friday, October 28th, Molloy celebrated its beloved annual Stanner-A-Thon! Previously known as our annual Walkathon, the Stanner-A-Thon includes the traditional walk for the freshman, sophomore, and junior classes, while seniors get to choose from a variety of fun alternate activities. These include the Game-a-Thon, Zumba, Video Game Tournament, Basketball Tournament, Art-A-Thon, Dodgeball, Trivia Contest, and the Br. Leo Memorial World Trade Center Walk.
The Stanner-A-Thon is Molloy’s annual student/family fundraiser which supports a different capital project around the school each year. In previous years, funds from the Walkathon / Stanner-A-Thon have helped Molloy to install air conditioning in every classroom, purchase new school buses, make improvements to the Dance Studio, purchase new cafeteria tables, build a Video Broadcasting Studio, and make renovations to our library, gymnasium, and chemistry lab. This year, funds raised in support of the Stanner-A-Thon will be used to refurbish and update Molloy’s art room, as well as to purchase equipment needed for a soon-to-be constructed innovation lab!
This year’s World Trade Center Walk was one of the highlights of the day. Br. Leo Richard, founder of SMILE and Peer Groups, was known to enjoy long walks. He believed you could really get to know a person by walking a great distance and talking with them. That is the spirit of the 12 mile walk to the World Trade Center, led by Mr. Chris Dougherty ’91. Mr. Dougherty, Guidance Chair and former student of Br. Leo’s, organized over 60 seniors and a handful of chaperones for this year’s walk. The route takes Molloy through Queens and Brooklyn en route to the reflective pools at the World Trade Center Memorial. It was a fun day spent with great company, and an experience our seniors will never forget!
Special thanks to Molloy's Photography Club for all the photos!