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Molloy Celebrates Day of AI

May 13, 2022

The Day of AI is an educational event created by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) wherein schools in the US and across the world introduce students of all backgrounds to foundational concepts in artificial intelligence.

“Artificial Intelligence is embedded in our daily activities. Therefore it is important that we understand how AI is transforming our lives and what changes it brings to society, economy and governance. Our mission is to make sure that Stanners understand how to navigate the world of technology and become AI literate,” said Ms. Boral, the Chair of the Computer Science & Engineering Department. 

To successfully teach the Day of AI, participating Molloy teachers attended MIT’s online professional development training. 

Molloy’s new computer science teacher, Sharon Huang, who teaches Intro to Computer Science, said that her students enjoyed the hands-on activities. “As reality concave into the virtual metaverse, the significance is to make the students understand the fundamentals of AI, in order to continue their creativity in innovations. Within the classroom, exposure of the connection between the lessons and their personal favorites brings awareness to how much code is actually surrounding us," said Ms. Huang.

Mr. Joe Touzin's Entrepreneurship class, which placed top six in the nation in the Virtual Enterprise National Marketing Competition, evaluated the pros and cons of AI in social media. Mr. Touzin said “in general, the students found tremendous value in learning about the impact of Artificial Intelligence on people through social media platforms. Specifically, the students were intrigued by (and concerned about) the implications of misinformation and filter bubbles in online social media networks. Being that our class is centered on entrepreneurship, the students are eager to learn more about the underlying business models of social media companies and the rules and regulations that may be put in place to ensure social media companies operate in a more ethical and responsible way.”

There were many other AI activities across the school for this event. For example, the AP CSA class developed a face recognition app called Picaboo and later analyzed algorithmic bias and how AI can be used more fairly and equitably. After learning about what AI is, the Advanced Computer Graphics class created digital art about filter bubbles, machine learning, deep fake, or misinformation.

Besides engaging in class activities, on May 13th, students participated in a live panel discussion of AI experts from MIT.

The Day of AI is only one of the steps Molloy is taking to introduce AI to students. Next year, Molloy will offer a new college-level AI course and an AI research opportunity at LIU Post.

Photos Captions:
  • 1: Ava Maldari ‘24 presents her AI artifact.
  • 2: Daniel Knox ‘23 and Anthony Kerr ‘23 developing an image recognition app, Picaboo
  • 3: Grace Roy’s ‘25 AI artwork
  • 4: A panel discussion hosted by MIT Professor Cynthia Breazeal and a diverse group of professionals from different organizations working with artificial intelligence.
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