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Lent: Participating in God's Call to Solidarity

By: Ms. Lori Wilson, Director of Campus Ministry


In order to make Lent more meaningful, Archbishop Molloy High School has chosen to focus on the theme of solidarity. We have a clear call to solidarity. This Catholic social teaching principle is about recognizing others as our sisters and brothers and actively working for their good. In our connected humanity, we are invited to build relationships in order to understand what life is like for others who are different from us.

Why be in solidarity? From our school’s Marist perspective, we are called to live the value of family spirit, and when one of us struggles, we all struggle. We love like Mary, and so we feel another person’s struggle.

As we journey through Lent together, consider participating in the following ways:

  1. Our daily prayer in Lent will have the theme of solidarity with others. Prayers will be contributed by members of the Molloy family.
  2. We will host a Campus Ministry Lock-In to practice solidarity by metaphorically walking in the shoes of our neighbors in Venezuela, learning about life, culture, education, and the challenges people face. More information will be shared later this month.
  3. Be in solidarity with the Marist School teachers in Venezuela y helping to change the world with your change.
    • Why do we want to help the Marists in Venezuela?   
    • Teachers are struggling - According to Br. Dan, 50% of teachers in underprivileged and rural schools run by the Marist brothers in Venezuela have quit their jobs, as they can’t make ends meet on monthly salaries of about $20-30.
    • Ayuda a Educar is a non-profit founded in Miami by U.S.-based alumni of Colegio Champagnat in Caracas. The goal is to buttress the resolve of teachers in underprivileged schools in Venezuela through direct, in-kind aid. They also want to contribute to the upkeep of these schools and provide benefits to students in need. 
      • Ayuda al Maestro: Food and medicine deliveries for teachers and school personnel. It costs about $27 a month.
      • Ayuda al Alumno: Breakfast and lunch for students in need.
    • How will it work?
      • Ms. Murdocca will be hosting a week-long fundraiser during Spirit Week.
    • Students: Spirit Leaders will collect in HR every morning - Each homeroom will “adopt,” or sponsor, a teacher. Prizes for the highest HR in each year and overall prize for the highest earning year.
    • Faculty and Staff: Each member is invited to “adopt" a teacher - you can adopt for a month, several months, or a full year.

More details to come.

  1. Be in solidarity with mother’s in need. The week of March 28th, there will be a baby drive to benefit Bridge to Life.  Email Daniela Jelcic to help - [email protected]
  1. Be in solidarity with people without homes. A breakfast run to serve the homeless is planned for April 4th.  We will be collecting new men’s underwear and socks. Gently used sweatshirts and men’s pants are also welcome.
  1. Be in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and all who live in a state of violence. Pray for peace. More information to come in the following weeks.
  1. Be in solidarity with the young in the Dominican Republic. Assist by donating gently used sneakers and/or backpacks. Email Mike McCleary to help - [email protected]
Thank you, and have a blessed season. 
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