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Science Department Thrives with Hands-On Labs

Among those most thrilled to welcome students back for in-person instruction are the members of Molloy’s Science Department. Science labs had been modified since March 2020 due to hybrid learning. While the department found success in that format, teachers now have a greater appreciation for the benefits of hands-on lab exercises.

Earlier this week, Mr. Michael Nadeau, department chairperson, brought his students out to Molloy’s front lawn and Main Street entrance for an AP Physics experiment. “My students were asked to determine the height of the flagpole via indirect means,” explained Mr. Nadeau. “The goal of the lab was to give students an opportunity to employ best measuring practices and mathematical skills that they will utilize throughout the rest of the course. Also, each group was tasked with coming up with their own approach—many of them using trigonometry in the process.”

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