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1st Year of Quantum Computing Closes w/ "Giants" Panel


by Ms. Edit Boral, Computer Science Department

On Sunday, May 9th, Molloy Quantum Computing students participated in a panel discussion with top quantum computing researchers and faculty, as well as leaders from QxQ’s (Qubit By Qubit) Advisory Board. The discussion was the finale of the “Qubit by Qubit: Quantum Computing” course offered for the first time to students all over the world.

Often referred to as the Giants of Quantum Computing, William Oliver, Director of MIT’s Center for Quantum Engineering, Scott Aaronson, Director of UT Austin’s Quantum Information Center and Spiros Michalakis, Physicist at CalTech’s Institute of Quantum Information and Matter, shared their experiences with students. The Giants talked about how they got into Quantum Computing, what a day in their life looks like, as well as about the difficulties and future of quantum computing. 

The panel congratulated students on finishing such a difficult course previously offered only at a graduate level. “You are at the forefront of this emerging technology. I cannot wait to see what you will do in the future,” said Kiera Peltz, the executive director of the program. “The skills you learned in linear algebra, group theory, quantum mechanics and classical algorithms are not only for the present but also for the future. You are the next generation of leaders. Take these skills and apply them to the field that you are passionate about. We officially welcome you to the quantum community!” Peltz said.

“Quantum computing is the language of the universe,” added Spiros Michalakis, “and we are closer than ever to solve the problem of rebuilding the universe through quantum computers. You are so lucky to have access to these teachings at such an early stage of your education. Take a moment and concentrate on the deeper aspects of quantum computing.”

“This is the time when you can devote every hour of the day to study what you are interested in. Follow your passion!” added Scott Aaronson.

Molloy students are among the first high schoolers in the world who took “Qubit by Qubit: Quantum Computing” taught by MIT and Oxford researchers. Students who graduated from the course earned a certificate issued by The Coding School. Molloy is thrilled to be offering this course again next school year at no cost to students as our partnership with the QxQ program has been extended. Moreover, Professor James Freericks of Georgetown University has invited Molloy students to register for his upcoming edX course, “Quantum Mechanics for Everyone”, which will start in the last week of June 2021. 

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