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Mental Health Awareness During the Pandemic

Mr. Chris Dougherty ’91, chairperson of Molloy’s Guidance Department, was recently featured in a news segment produced by Currents regarding students’ mental health during the pandemic. Commentary by Mr. Dougherty is included alongside comments from counselors and students at The Mary Louis Academy. This news segment helps to shed light on the continuing issue of students’ mental health and the role schools play in providing support. Although COVID-19 statistically does not physically affect young people at the same rate as older at-risk populations, the pandemic has caused increased feelings of anxiety and isolation among teens and children. Recognizing this, Mr. Dougherty and other counselors continue to provide support through individual and Peer Group sessions as well as through the SMILE program. Counselors will also host a Mental Health night for parents and students in March, similar to College Guidance night. Click the player below to watch the segment. For more about how Molloy is supporting students’ mental health during the pandemic, click the following links. | The Tablet: Peer Guidance Program Builds Everlasting Bonds | Molloy Hosts Virtual Freshman Meetup


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