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Girls’ Leadership Scholarship Fund sponsors CASH CALENDAR RAFFLE

The Girls’ Leadership Scholarship Fund, facilitated by a committee of women educators representing Archbishop Molloy High School, is sponsoring its second CASH CALENDAR RAFFLE and cordially invites and encourages you to join us for this event. ALL proceeds will support the Girls’ Leadership Scholarship Fund and will benefit academically gifted female candidates with exceptional leadership potential who may be seeking admission to Molloy. The CASH CALENDAR RAFFLE will be a culminating event in celebration of March, which recognizes International Women’s Day and which is designated Women’s History Month. Thank you for your interest in and support of our efforts towards promoting girls’ leadership at Molloy.


HOW TO PLAY: A full-year calendar is featured on our participation form page. To play, first complete the form, then indicate a month and day of your choice in the drop down box. Birthdays, anniversaries, and other days with sentimental meaning are commonly chosen. Participants are encouraged to select their dates early since A TOTAL OF ONLY TWO DIFFERENT PLAYERS MAY SELECT THE SAME BOX. Boxes will be updated on our calendar each night as the raffle proceeds. If two players choose the same winning date/box, the prize amount will be split evenly between both winners. See bulletpoint list and link above for more information. Winners will be drawn on March 29th and announced on March 30th.


Visit to learn more about prizes and to participate today.

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