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Twin Heroes

by Christa Ciuffo ’11 and Charlie Ciuffo ’04. Pictured left and center: Lauren Ciuffo ’09 with colleagues. Pictured right: Marissa Ciuffo ’09 with colleagues.

Two people who we think deserve the highest recognition are our twin sisters, Lauren Ciuffo ’09 and Dr. Marissa Ciuffo ’09. Both have been working on the front lines of the pandemic in some of the hardest hit areas in New York.

Lauren is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker working in the postpartum and obstetrics department at Elmhurst Hospital, or what the media once referred to as the “epicenter of the epicenter.” Working in this hard hit community has certainly taken a toll on all staff at Elmhurst, but it allowed Lauren to play an even bigger role in providing staff support. Lauren hit the ground running from the beginning by delivering food and listening to all staff who needed support. Lauren also recognized the need for support in her own community. She saw that the families she was caring for daily were being discharged home with minimal baby supplies. Community resources that would assist in these matters were closed due to COVID-19, which made motherhood more challenging for these at risk families. Lauren saw a need and sprung to action by creating an Amazon Wish List for much needed baby supplies for new mothers. She collected these donations, organized staff, and personally distributed hundreds of donated items to families in need.

Marissa is a physician at Stony Brook University Hospital, currently completing her 3rd year as an Internal Medicine resident. During the beginning of this pandemic, Marissa was assigned to a COVID-19 intensive care unit, working well over 12 hour shifts for 5 days straight. Gowned up in full PPE for hours, Marissa cared for the most critically ill patients in the hospital as well as their families. Marissa dedicated many hours to contacting family members and updating them on the ongoing care of their loved ones. She treated every patient as if they were her own family. Marissa, being a senior resident, also guided other physicians who were assigned to the ICU from other specialties (who were not normally in the ICU). Throughout this pandemic she has also been studying tirelessly for her boards and preparing to start her Cardiology fellowship at University of Massachusetts.

Both our sisters are heroes working on the front lines of this pandemic and deserve recognition for their tremendous and selfless work. They embody the teachings of St. Marcellin Champagnat and are truly living Molloy’s motto of “Non scholae sed vitae.” 

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