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Junior Represents Molloy at MIT’s Quantum Computing Camp

This past summer, Junior Samanta Correa ’22 won MIT’s scholarship to represent Molloy at the university’s virtual Quantum Computing Camp. Samanta shares her experiences in this exciting camp: 

“The MIT Quantum Computing Camp is a week-long summer camp that introduces youth to the field of quantum computing. This camp aims to diversify the field of quantum computing by focusing on reaching out to underrepresented groups in STEM, such as young women.

This week-long course was not only informative, but also interactive. There were engaging, daily activities in which students could get a look at and practice topics covered in the lectures. The lectures were taught by MIT alumni that finished their Ph.D. in a quantum field. We listened to three lecturers that each specialized in one topic of three: quantum physics, quantum mechanics, and quantum computing. The breakout rooms, in which we performed the activities, were hosted by MIT Ph.D. students. In these smaller groups, we used a simulator made by IBM to simulate a quantum computer. We imputed quantum gates that we learned about during the lectures to simulate how quantum computers work. We also learned how to use the qBraid simulation platform to run quantum algorithms in Python.  

This camp not only focused on quantum computing, but also taught the difference between quantum and classical computing. As quantum physics is full of complicated mathematics, the professors in this camp did an excellent job of simplifying it for students to comprehend.

Overall, this camp was a terrific experience! I believe it can entice many more high school students to continuously explore the field of quantum.” – Samanta Correa ‘22


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