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Molloy Jersey Featured In Gatorade Commercial

Rivalries are good for sports because they make us raise our game even higher. That’s why we’re proud to help @Gatorade fuel rivalries. #MakeYourRivalYourFuel #GatoradePartner

You may have noticed a familiar jersey in a major TV commercial over the summer. The Beehive can confirm that the “Molloy” jersey worn in the Gatorade commercial starring JJ Watt is indeed Molloy’s Girls Varsity Basketball jersey! The athletes depicted in the commercial are actors, but the jersey is authentic. The commercial has been airing on major networks and during prime time programming since July, meaning Molloy has been getting some major exposure! The spot will run on TV, Hulu, and YouTube until September 9th, so there’s still time to spot it during a live broadcast. You can also check out the commercial right now via the embedded video player below. Thanks to Athletic Director Mr. Mike McCleary for working with Gatorade to make this happen!


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