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Molloy Installs New Digital Intercom System

A new modern two-way intercom system has been installed throughout our campus. The new system provides improved and instantaneous communication between classrooms, the Office of Student Life, and safety & security personnel. “The new intercom system has many state-of-the-art features,” said President Richard Karsten ’81. “Common areas like hallways and rooms with telephones have one-way speakers, while classrooms have the capacity for two-way communication. The digital alert feature allows emergency notifications to be pushed to each classroom and our 1,725 iPads in the building.” Announcements through the system are crystal clear. “The installation of this system was a massive undertaking,” said President Karsten. “New hardware, cables, and software integration was necessary throughout the building. I thank our IT department, facilities staff, and everyone who helped make this a reality.”

The addition of the two-way intercom system is part of Molloy’s larger, ongoing effort to improve communication and security. In addition, Molloy recently expanded its video camera and monitoring capabilities. The number of cameras around school has grown from 32 to 59, while all cameras record in hi-definition. Molloy’s Director of Security & Safety and Security Officers, as well as members of our administration, all have access to the monitoring system, creating a collaborative effort to create the safest environment possible for Molloy’s students and staff.

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