Admissions Calendar (8th Grade Calendar)


Brochures and scholarship information are delivered to all local schools. Ask your 8th grade teacher or guidance counselor for one! 


T.A.C.H.S Application 

Paper Applications for the T.A.C.H.S. Exam are due at the testing company. Catholic school students will receive applications from their teachers. Students in public schools or other private schools should call 866-618-2247 to receive an application form for this admission test. Completed paper applications must be received by the testing company by October 1st, so don't delay this important step. 

Open House

Open House Program for seventh and eighth grade students and parents. Arrive between 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. to see our video, tour our campus, meet our students, faculty and parents, and get information on curriculum, sports, activities, guidance, retreat programs, and admissions.


Scholarship Application

Scholarship requirements and deadline to be determined. This year 10 full tuitions scholars, 40 half tuition scholarships, and 25 named scholarships were awarded.

T.A.C.H.S. Exam

The T.A.C.H.S. Exam is administered on a Saturday in November. Date to be determined. Students send their scores to three Catholic high schools. While all choices are considered, preference is given to applicants listing Molloy as their first choice. All applicants must also send their sixth, seventh and eighth grade marks to Molloy by mid-December, either on the Ninth Grade Applicant Record form, which is part of the T.A.C.H.S. Exam packet, or by sending copies of report cards.

Deadline for Internet and telephone registration for 2014 T.A.C.H.S. exam to be determined.

Scholarship Competition

The Scholarship Competition date to be determined. 


Admissions Notifications are mailed on the same day by all Catholic high schools. Admitted students must send their completed response form and non-refundable $400 deposit by January 31, 2014. 



Registration day for Class of 2018 is on Saturday, March 1st, 2014. Registration packet will be mailed in mid-February to all accepted students who have sent in their deposit. On that day, registration cards are collected, i.d. photos are taken, freshman camp forms are distributed and the foreign language placement test is administered.


Math Placement Test 

Saturday May 17, 2014