Mr. Dan Charvet

Dan Charvet is a member of Molloy's Class of 2002 and is also known around the school as “Can Do Dan” for his willingness to help anyone with any technological challenge. Dan attended Polytechnic University in Brooklyn, now a school within New York University. He holds a BS in Computer Science and has a fascination with how computers can make our lives easier. He returned to Molloy in 2006 as the Assistant to the IT Director. In this role, Dan has supported the integration of computers and SMARTBoards into classrooms and has been a critical part of keeping the new technology in Molloy's completely modernized William J. Murphy library functioning at its full potential. Dan has taken many of Molloy's faculty members from “where is the on switch” to “how can I use this feature to my best advantage in the classroom?” For Dan, the most satisfying part of his job is the amount of peer to peer support he sees between faculty in part thanks to his tutelage.