Mr. William Niklaus

Mr. Bill Niklaus was called to come home to Molloy by Mr. Raymond Egan and Bro. James Maher when they were looking for a History teacher. His philosophy of education is: “Students can laugh and learn, students shouldn’t be scared or worried when they come to class.” All these years later, he still believes this and hopes every day that he keeps to this philosophy.

Mr. Niklaus graduated Archbishop Molloy High School in 1980. He then graduated St. John’s University where he was a double major (Psychology and Sociology). He graduated college early and student taught at Molloy. He also attended Albany State University and Columbia Greene Community College for additional credits. 

Mr. Niklaus has taught many subjects here at Molloy since 1984, including American History, Regional Studies, Health, Global Studies I, Global Studies II, Sociology, and Psychology. He enjoys teaching his college level Psychology class because he believes that psychology is not only a subject but extends in a practical sense to everyone’s daily lives. He enjoys hearing stories from students and alumni about how the topics discussed in class suddenly become real in their own lives.

Mr. Niklaus is also a coach at Molloy. He started Molloy’s golf program in 1989. As a coach, he believes that players should love the sport that they play. His rule is to laugh, play their best, be good teammates, and then try to win. In 2014, he was inducted into the CHSAA Hall of Fame. The team has achieved well over 250 season wins with less than 50 losses. The Molloy Golf Team has also had 17 consecutive Brooklyn /Queens Divisional Titles, two City Championships, one Metro Bowl Championship, and four city runner ups. Within his time at Molloy, he was also the assistant coach to both Girls Varsity and JV basketball (both teams won the City Championships). He credits his success his children (William and Kristen), the quality of his players, and his “Molloy family” for whom he has been blessed with.

Mr. Niklaus can be reached at wniklaus@molloyhs.org