Ms. Palmina Dionisi

Mrs. Palmina Dionisi received her degree in Italian and Secondary Education at St. John’s University. Mrs. Dionisi did her student teaching at Molloy under the direction of her mentor Francine Bonventre. After St. John’s she moved on to Rutgers University where she took graduate courses. While she studied, she taught undergraduates Italian. Between her first and second year there she went to Urbino, Italy as a teacher. She toured, taught and lived as an Italian for six weeks that summer. Her love of travel and life-long learning comes from that experience. During her second year, she took a call from Molloy concerning a teaching position. She interviewed but as it was for Spanish, a language she now teaches at Molloy. She did not get that particular position. Instead, she worked for the Port Authority of NY as a “Gateway Receptionist”. While at Rutgers she met her husband Carlo, a Supervising Language Specialist with the F.B.I. She has two sons, Vincent and Joseph.

In 1986 she received a call for a teaching position at Molloy; to teach Italian. It has been twenty-six years. One of the attributes she has come to respect at Molloy is the way we teach our students. Everything is tied to faith, family, values, and integrity. These are the “positive constants” you come to expect from a Stanner.

When asked what she would like to see change here she thought for a minute and then shared. She would like to see more rigor in our senior year program. “We should incorporate a large lecture format class in preparation for the college setting. Along with that class we should teach note taking and summarizing skills in every class. Another offering in the life skills area might include personal finance, budgeting and improved consumer skills including making travel reservations, local trip planning and time management.” Preparing them for their next great adventure is part of our responsibility if we are to live up to our motto, Non Scholae Sed Vitae.