Mr. CJ Mallia

When it comes to using technology, Molloy takes a leadership position among High Schools in the region. Our technological capability includes SmartBoards® and a projector in every classroom, laptops for every teacher, Wireless capability throughout the school and a Laptop based Research Center in the Murphy Library. From an administrative perspective we use technology for attendance, faculty notices and grade reports. Our investment in hardware is only part of the story, however.

In order to keep our technology working and our faculty trained it takes human power as well. Molloy is fortunate to have two of the best technologists in education today. Our data management includes all school records, more than a terabyte of information and, of course the servers required for our web presence. For the most part, this responsibility falls to Mr. CJ Mallia. Management of the Research Center computers, faculty computers, our Computers on Wheels (COWS) program for classroom computer use and our chief troubleshooter is Dan Charvet ’02. Owing to the fact that we have more than 250 laptop computers in use on a daily basis, we have supplemented our tech team with Robert LaRosa and Dan Charvet as technology support staff members.

CJ Mallia serves as our IT Director at Molloy. He received a BS from NYU majoring in Computer Science and then went to work for Columbia University where he served as Systems Administrator. CJ came to Molloy in 1998 to begin Molloy’s entrance into the world of Technology. In the past ten years we introduced the internet to the school. The installation of desktops to the conversion to laptops and SmartBoards® is now complete. Though not entirely “paperless”, Molloy is certainly moving toward a “less paper” driven administrative model. His day to day responsibility is to maintain the myriad of systems we use on our 15 servers.

As a team, they provide guidance to the Administration on the next generation of technological innovation at the school. CJ sees Molloy adjusting our attention from being classroom and faculty focused to more of an individual student focus in the future. With constant innovations like the iPad and other hand-held devices, the likelihood is that the next generation of Stanners will hold a world of information in the palm of their hand.