Mr. Michael DeMarco

Mr. Michael DeMarco, Science Department Chair, attended Cornell University where he earned his A.B. degree in Biology. Mike started his career as a self described “lab techie” at Sloane Kettering where he did research in molecular genetics. While in the lab, he realized that he was not destined to a life in research. He was completing work on his MA in Biology at Columbia University when he saw an ad in the Education section of the New York Times for a science teacher at Molloy. He pursued the job and won the position working under the watchful eye of his mentor, Mr. Kieran Mullins. Mr. DeMarco completed coursework for his teaching certifications in Biology and Chemistry at Pace. He currently serves as the Science Department Chairman.

Mr. DeMarco is most impressed by the fact that our students “want to learn — you can present a challenging concept, and they ask for more. They realize the value of a solid foundation in the Sciences.” Right from the start, Mike raised the bar with students interested in more than just classroom science and he formed a Science Olympiad team. Today, everyone considers Molloy a strong contender when we enter a Science competition.

In his spare time Mr. DeMarco is a magician, cardician or cardiste, a cinephile and an audiophile. His work in magic is not as a performer, but more as the creator of card tricks and illusions. Mike has published more than 100 card tricks in professional magazines and is interested in releasing a new book of card tricks for professionals with an additional 100 or so tricks and illusions at some point in the future. His collection of reference works numbers more than 4,000 books on the subject, making him one of the leading experts in the field.