Mr. Louis Barbera

Mr. Lou Barbera has been a part of the Molloy faculty since 2002. A member of the class of 1976, Mr. Barbera went on to earn a BA in Philosophy at Fordham College. He worked his way through school at the Super Scoop Ice Cream store. It gave him a great set of “life skills” including working with people, and how to manage a staff.

After receiving his degree he wanted more from life and so he explored his interest in Theology at the Seminary. From 1982 to 1985 he earned an MA in Theology, and, after great discernment, decided that he was not destined to become a priest. The lifestyle and commitments were not in line with his vision for his own life.

He worked in business for a while at NY Telephone company, and the Bank of New York, and finally decided to focus on a degree in Law. He went to Catholic University in Washington, DC, and received his J.D. degree in 1992. He was head of the Student Law Association the year the school built the new Law Center on the campus.

In his “spare time” Mr. Barbera is a professional bowler. He has bowled two perfect games in his professional career and is very proud of the watch given to him in light of this accomplishment. He attributes his success in the sport to his ability to calm down and steady up under pressure. He really enjoys the competition and the quality of play at the professional level.

When he speaks of renurning to Molloy he talks about the feeling of “coming home”. He finds himself doing those idiosyncratic things he did as a student like running his knuckles along the tiles as he walks the halls. He knows that tradition is important and the being a Stanner has real meaning. He is confident that Molloy will be around for many years to come because of our dedication providing the best possible education for every student in our care.

Mr. Barbera currently teaches Religion 11, Christian Marriage and Ethics and Law. He also coaches the Molloy competitive Mock Trial team.